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  1. Drakeman

    How long before I check Valves?

    I got about 60 hours on my 450R and those valve are still pumping fine, dont check em, they're fine
  2. Drakeman

    Considering a CRF

    I haven't overheated my 450R , had it over a year, if you have to sit over 5 min. turn it off, it's easy to start
  3. Does anyone have advice on a good long lasting rear sprocket for a 05 CRF450. Thanks
  4. yes happens alot racing motocross, what that all about?
  5. Drakeman

    ? shifter

    Any one know or a good shifter for a CR450 honda 05, I have bent 2 stock ones so far. Thanks
  6. Drakeman

    flex bars question

    Anyone have flex bars and know about the angles? They come 12 or 14 degree bend. I have a CRF450 R -05, and want close to stock handle bar bend. I am 5'7", 165 lbs. Should I get the 14 degee? Thanks
  7. Drakeman

    Favorite handlebars?

    what bend of flex bars do you got? I want to get flex bars but I don't know what bend
  8. Drakeman

    Is 9 week old gas too old?

    done, thanks
  9. Drakeman

    Naked Pictures!!!

    try to punch in the center of the bolt for a drill bit, then drill into the bolt, for an easy out.
  10. Drakeman

    question on power

    Oh yea sorry, it's my freinds machine and I forgot, it's a 4 weeler.
  11. Drakeman

    engine sevice on new bike

    I have the crf450r 05, bought new, I put about 31 hours on it, I've raced 5 times, and it's alittle harder to start, I've hit the rev limit a few times. I have changed the oil and cleaned the air filter every 3 hours. I don't do engine work, should I take it in for service? Have the valves checked, etc? Thanks again, Gary
  12. Drakeman

    question on power

  13. Drakeman

    Is 9 week old gas too old?

    I have not ridden for 9 weeks, I drained the float bowl, and now I need to know if I should disgard the gas or just run it. Thanks
  14. Drakeman

    question on power

    Can anyone tell me how to get more power out of a KFM 50 RT? Thanks