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  1. AHill11

    Full system or slip on?

    on the carbed bikes it seems a slip on gives you more grunt and make the bike torquier. with the full system and header it changes the power delivery a little more..i.e it could add more to the top and allow it to open up more. The headers usually have a different angle, diameter or shape depending on what one you get. (i think a lot of lower end systems headers are essentially the same as stock unlike fmf,pc,etc...) I had a full fmf 4.1 system and power bomb on my 07 250f and it ran way better and seemed to rev out more with the full system than with just the muffler. my current 09 wr450 I just got a yosh slip on and it made the bike rip harder (and way louder) but a stock wr exhausted is baffled and restricted so anything will make a difference. Full systems usually require the bike to be re-jetted too in order to get the max performance.
  2. AHill11

    Riding Eastern PA (west chester)

    Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions ill have to look into those places.
  3. Just moved from Western PA, Pittsburgh Area, where I had plenty of trails and places to ride. After looking around/searching it doesn't seem there is many areas to ride near Chester County and within an hour or so. I saw blue diamond MX in DE. Aside from that is there any public land/ areas to ride at? preferably ones where I don't need to spend $500 to join/become a member?? Thanks.
  4. AHill11

    09 wr450 mods

    Hey guys had a yz250f my whole life n bought a wr450 off ,y buddy with like 50hrs. Am I able to swap my fmf4.1 pipe from the 250f to the 450f.? Also I want to super moto it, Rocky Mountain has a kit for 170$ with switches etc... Aside from that do I need the new stator and anything else mechanically? Thank you
  5. AHill11

    06 yz250f jetting question

    You don't need to but it's worth it. Had one on my 07 yz250f I'd bog and sometimes cut out when Id rip. Bit its a world of difference when you jet it with the pipe
  6. AHill11

    Cam timing chain replacement?

    you should be good to leave it in then. you may loose a little here and there so just make sure your still at the correct level in the sight glass on the case.
  7. AHill11

    Cam timing chain replacement?

    I would just because once you rebuild it you should run fresh oil for breakin and then change it. so id just drain it..dont forget to refill it after rebuild
  8. AHill11

    JD jet kit worth it?

    I got a dynojet kit for 50. it made my bike run amazing. came with all new jets a needle and instructions for which to use based on aftermarket parts and elevation
  9. AHill11

    Wr250f yz conversion

    jet kit for sure. watch with the high comp piston, do some research I heard alot of instances where it causes there clutch to go. as far as cams it depends on the power gains your looking for. exhausts are always a few extra hp but if your gonna go hc piston and cams those will be your major gains
  10. Maybe a graphics kit sells them. or you can get a black sheet fir like a number plate and cut to fit if you cant find black ones
  11. AHill11

    07' Yz250F Oil/Starting problem

    have you tipped the bike over to the sight glass side and watch it to see if oil appeared when you tipped it towards that side?
  12. AHill11

    07' Yz250F Oil/Starting problem

    did you take the bolt out of the oil tank and see if oil came out of it? if im remembering correctly it should take about 1.11 qts
  13. AHill11

    2006 yz250f tuning issues

    Have an 07 250f when it was newer it glowed when sitting there idling for a few minutes it's normal as far as I know but when moving it cools down from the air
  14. AHill11

    2013 YZ250F Break In Ride - Bog Issues

    I'm not sure about the ac pump but a gummed up carb or a clogged jet Due to old gas seems reasonable
  15. AHill11

    carb or valves

    I would say it sounds like a carb issue. And for the valve clearances what are Yama ha spec for your bike?