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  1. Dago52

    2006 Honda CRF100F

    I needed up cleaning the new carb and added some sea foam to the tank. Got it running and ended up changing the oil. Now it is running very well, but it needs some brakes. Going to clean it up and give it a grease job where needed. Thanks
  2. I got a 2006 Honda CRF100F thrown in a deal when I purchased my boat. They said it ran, but it has been sitting for a while. I ordered a new carb & air filter and cleaned it up. After installing the carb & filter with some fresh fuel, it will crank on full choke but it not run for long. It will not run at all when the choke is half way or fully open. I am getting a good spark and fuel is flowing to the carb, but running out of ideas.
  3. Dago52

    350 EXC Cooling Fan

    Check out Munn Racing. Thats where I got mine and they had it in stock.
  4. Congrats, you can save a bunch of money by purchasing your oil and filters on Amazon. I purchased a few cases of Castrol synthetic oil for a third of the price go Motored and it was free shipping.
  5. Dago52

    Upgraded from the CRFL to KTM

    Don't test ride a KTM, because If you do you will never look back. The 500 EXC will be my next purchase, but I am loving my 350 right now.
  6. Dago52

    Upgraded from the CRFL to KTM

    Good point, but they will have to catch me!!! And they have tried before, but I decided to take the woods. LOL
  7. Dago52

    Upgraded from the CRFL to KTM

    Hege, congrats on the upgrade. You will have a blast and good luck keeping the front end on the ground. The maintenance really isn't that bad considering what you get. In fact, I purchased my oil and oil filter from Amazon real cheap which should hold me over another season. I have a few youtube videos on the upgrades I did to my beast and I would recommend looking up the weebeasty thread if you haven't done so already. He provides a tremendous amount of information with pics.
  8. Dago52

    Good chain lubricant?

    Has anyone tried Fluid Film? I use Maxima but there are a lot of raves for Fluid Film.
  9. Dago52

    Tank sock - yay or nay

    I am running both the sock and golan filter. The added protection never hurts.
  10. Here is a picture of mine plate on my 350. Got it fem a guy on ebay and the build quality is great. I paid like $110 or close to it. IMG_1831 by dago5252, on Flickr IMG_1817 by dago5252, on Flickr
  11. Dago52

    Crf 250L engine questions

    No, it was slightly used with 8 or 10 hours on the clock.
  12. Dago52

    Crf 250L engine questions

    $6,200 with accessories. But, I would have easily dropped more than this into the Honda and not get the performance of the KTM. If I was going to be doing 70-80% street riding I would have kept the Honda as its a great bike.
  13. Dago52

    Seat Concepts

    The best seat ever.
  14. Dago52

    Crf 250L engine questions

    I purchased a new CRF250L and quickly realized it was heavy and underpowered. I then move on to a 2012 KTM 350 EXC-F. I couldn't be happier with my KTM. The bike is light, super fast and I do not ride on the road much, just to get to the trails. The Honda is a great bike, but sounds like you should consider a KTM or Husky. I sold my nephew my Honda and he rode it hard . Now the bike is in the shop getting the engine rebuilt. And when I do trail ride with my CRF250L friends, I end up waiting on them at the end of the trail. There is NO WAY my nephew can keep up with me on his 250L, rather its on the street or dirt.