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    i am going riding and...

    It's extremely easy to rejet the carb. I'd say the entire process takes no longer than 30 minutes. 1. Place some rags or towels under the carb (to soak up gas). 2. Use 17mm wrench to loosen up the bolt on the bottom of the float bowl (gas will spill out). This will allow access to the main jet. Note: An alternative to soaking up the gas with rags is to run the bike with the petcock in the closed position to run the gas out of the carb. This will create a hot engine and it becomes difficult to perform the rest of the following unless the engine is allowed to cool down. 3. Use a 6mm wrench to remove the main jet. 4. Install the new main jet (do not overtighten). 5. Install the 17mm bolt in the bottom of the carb. 6. Ensure the gas is cleaned up from the engine. 7. Adjust the fuel mixture screw (I used two full turns from all the way in). 8. Start the bike up and let it warm up (you may have to adjust the idle screw to keep it running). 9. Once the bike is warmed up and the idle screw is adjusted, take it for a test run.
  2. Does anyone know if front forks from an XR250 would work on a CRF230?
  3. I may be interested, send me an email to jeff@syarfam.com
  4. Of course it is.........especially if you got one for sale.
  5. syar

    Confused - How to Check Fork Oil

    If you look at a zip-tie, it has a "hook" on one end(this is where the adjacent piece slides into it). This "hook" serves as a zero point for the measurement. It's similar to the zero point on a measuring tape. Place the zip-tie into the compressed fork and "hook" the zip-tie end to the top of the fork. Pull the zip-tie up and out of the fork to see where the fluid level hits. Adjust the fluid level accordingly.
  6. No, I've never been to the Homecoming, but I do hang out at Badweather Bikers on occassion. It's a great resource, similar to TT.
  7. syar

    Confused - How to Check Fork Oil

    You might want to check this link out as well: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1940565#post1940565
  8. syar

    Confused - How to Check Fork Oil

    You must take the forks off of the bike, remove the springs, compress the forks, and then measure the distance from the top of the fork to the fluid level. I believe the manual says this measurement should be 5.7 inches. Perform this measurement by marking the distance onto a flat surface of a work bench. Measure the distance from the edge of the table to the specified distance. Use a plastic zip-tie that is of sufficient length and lay it on the table adjacent to the measurement. Use a piece of tape to mark the specified distance on the zip-tie. Use the zip-tie to measure down the fork tube from the top. Ensure the fluid in the fork is at the identified tape on the zip-tie.
  9. syar

    Handle bars

    Most of my riding is trail riding where my butt is planted to the seat with some standing riding. What's the difference between the CR high bend and the mini-high bend?
  10. I'm looking for a good set of aftermarket handle bars that will fit the stock upper triple tree. I quickly noticed that it's not just a simple selection because there are several different bends. Any suggestions on which bend to select?
  11. I'll try the mods per the "toast" link and see how the front feels. The BBR springs were just too hard and the stocker springs were too soft. Are the CR85 USD forks possible on the 230 given the 21 inch wheel? As for the comment on the XB, I absolutely love the bike. It's the perfect street bike due to the power characteristics.
  12. I wondered about the front becoming an issue with the addition of the rear shock. What I'm hearing is that it's not worth upgrading the rear shock because it causes the front end to have issues. Hence, it's better to upgrade to a four stroker 250 then to dump more money into the 230. That makes sense.
  13. Anyone have any experience with the Works Performance shock? I really like the 230 for trail riding, but the suspension is terrible. I tried the BBR spring and that made things worse (it was too harsh).
  14. syar


    Just to clairify, light and nimble was referring to the handling of the bike. Sorry about the confusion. The 230 holds it center of gravity pretty low, which makes it feels "light and nimble". I really think it is an excellent bike for it's intended purpose; trail riding with the family.
  15. syar


    I currently ride a CRF230 and it has enough power to be a fun bike if your doing nothing but trail riding. It's light and nimble, but the suspension is severly lacking. I put almost 60 miles on it last weekend and my body ached pretty bad the next day (nothing to do with my age). I've ridden the 230 for about a year and I'm now ready to bump up to something with better suspension. I switched rides with a WR250f for a couple of miles and I'm now sold on upgrading to another bike. If you can afford something better than a 230, then buy something else that fits your needs.