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  1. How did the paying just to sell something happen!?!?
  2. Well Washington keeps getting better and better. Now you gotta pay just to report the sale of a vehicle and buy a 30$ pass as a private buyer. Wtf!?
  3. rodie43


    Weather's been pretty mild. Actually rained a bit this afternoon. It's not all that complicated to get around. There's easy stuff and super gnar technical stuff.
  4. Yeah that was pretty funny. That funnel is weird. There is a cpl different lines once you get down into the trees but its extremely steep. Took out a lot of folks. Breaks up the field though once ya get out of it.
  5. Mine from last years race. Vet b amateur day. Some of those hills got me on the first lap for sure. Cant wait!
  6. Best race of the year! Family loves it to!
  7. rodie43

    whats up

    Yeah lots of sun today!!­čśé­čśé
  8. Sweet! Going up was an ass kicker! Lol
  9. Dont think so. Only riders we saw were 2 guys on ktms and 1 husky. Unloaded from same spot as us at jolly mtn trail head. We ran into them again at the yellow hill trailhead. They had just come down and we were going up.
  10. Came down Jolly creek last saturday past way and then all the way down middle fork. Id say at least 15 trees down and trail is pretty over grown. Its slow going.
  11. 943 to 1388 to 1321.2/greek creek to 1321.1/the back side of clifty!! BOOM!
  12. The first time i read this I thought you were saying HE couldn't make it haha. Lol no just due to snow in the shady sections. We tried to make a loop and ended up back tracking a cpl times due to snow. Taneum side is pretty much all clear and the ravens roost side of little naches seems all clear as well.
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