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  1. mr.skywalker

    4stroke vs 2stroke bottom end

    The do have roughly 2x the power FOR THE SAME DISPLACEMENT. You are not comparing apples to apples. In the same racing classes(125 2T vs 250F for ex) the fourstroke has more torque but they both make the same power
  2. mr.skywalker

    More 200 stroke

    Yea, the amount of work it would take to get to 50hp out of a 125 or even a 200 it would be so high strung and would have no low end so it would be useless for anything other than a pro or drag racing. Just fix it, sell it, and put the money you make off it to put towards a 250 smoker if you want a two stroke or a 450 if you dont mind a 4 stroke. I dont think even the factory 125s before the 250fs were over 50 and those were rebuilt every race. I get the temptation to tune it to ridiculous levels but its just not worth it on a mx bike bc its already at 96% from the factory. My way to scratch the tuning itch is a yamaha zuma two stroke that is about 3.5-4hp stock I have tuned to what should be about 8hp and if I really wanted to throw reliability out the window I could be in the 20hp range easily (I have about $600 in mods alone but would be pushing $2k to reach the higher level)
  3. mr.skywalker

    Electric Starter - Problem Solved!

    I can see that being the case if the estart was reliable but it sounds from all the threads Ive been reading its terrible for some(some I saw do maint on it every other ride just to have it last a year or so) and if that was me Id be trying to do something to fix it but I am also an engineer so I enjoy coming up with solutions as long as it doesnt negatively affect my ride time lol. Mine had a partially stripped starter (looks like lash was correct) so I cant say if it will be an issue after I repair it.
  4. mr.skywalker

    Electric Starter - Problem Solved!

    Id imagine he is curious if the lower compression would let the starter spin everything easier thus loading the system less and reduce wear. Not a terrible idea. I just picked up a 15 ktm200 and the starter is having issues but from what Ive read and seen on friends bikes the 300s were the worst on starter system so it stand to reason the extra displacement add to the stress on the system.
  5. mr.skywalker

    04 KTM 65 shock leak

    I have been in the process of revalving a ktm65 rear shock(it is being used on a dr200 so spring rate is much higher and requires a much higher rate spring so valving needs to match). So as of right now I have converted to a bladder system so it will be a bit easier to do rebuilds/revalves as I get it tuned and am running a gold valve so I have my baseline valving determined. The issue is when I screw down the main shaft cover I get oil coming out of the two holes on the cover. I have rebuilt it to the best of my knowledge correctly. All the WP shock videos are for the larger bikes that simply use a circlip and pressed in dust seal where the 65 had a circlip, oring and thread in cap/seal. I dont have a manual so I am not sure if there is a step I am missing? FYI I have rebuilt shocks and forks before but never had this issue until this one. 😤 Thanks in advance for the help. If needed I can post a video of issue
  6. mr.skywalker

    Fly wheel weight for a 125 2stroke?

    I ran a 9oz on an 11 yz125(also had 144 kit so it had more torque). I think it was a great setup but since you are on a true 125cc i think the heavier weight would actually help more. If you need it to spin up quicker, nothing feathering the clutch wouldnt help but the gain in tractability would be well worth the trade off based on what you ride.
  7. mr.skywalker

    2006 KTM 250 XC-W Top Speed Question

    Well the xcw does have lower first couple gears but it also has taller top gears(the w means wide ratio). Also it should be a 6 speed I think(its older model so I am not familiar but my 200 xcw will definitely do 70and has a 6 speed
  8. mr.skywalker

    ? for those with fan kits.

    I guess to clarify what you should go by is what the max temp is that you reach while running, not just the temp the fan cuts on. if the fan cutting on at 180 makes it stabilize at 200 then leave it there, but if it cuts on at 210 and drops it, to say 190, I would leave it higher so you dont always pull power from your electrical system
  9. mr.skywalker

    ? for those with fan kits.

    Factory streetbike are set to come on about 210 and shut off around 180-190. Ideal operating temp is between 185-200, anything lower and its not really warmed up. We had a local guy here struggling on his 350 bc it is estart only and his fan was set at 180 so it was basically always on and he couldnt get his bike started due the fan draining the battery. Engine damage doesnt really occur until above 240(this is in 4 strokes anyway). His final solution was to leave it at 180 but has a manual cutoff so he can charge it the last few minutes before shutting down while he is still moving. If you question my logic I was on a formula student race team as powertrain lead (and a mechanical engineer with focus in automotive/internal combustion engines) and we had all sorts of cooling issues but we were just trying to keep our engine from exceeding 250. we were running a gsxr600 with never exceeding 60mph and revving the piss out of it and using a 4 wheeler radiator so you can imagine why we struggled lol car was fast though
  10. mr.skywalker

    Lowering Kit For XCW

    I havent done the hole drilling for lowering but I did do it on my grom to soften the foam, it really makes a difference and could help if you wanted to keep more foam but just needed it softer so it sags. On my berg, there wasnt really much foam left, maybe 1/2" at the thickest spot bc the midline of the seat was the highest point and any thinner you would really feel the base, it was stiff as it was
  11. mr.skywalker

    Lowering Kit For XCW

    I'm about the same inseam as you and would one day like to get an xtrainer but not just because of the height. Anyway I had 2010 husaberg 450 and if you didnt know its the same suspension as KTM but I swear the seat height felt a good 1/2-1" taller than most KTM of that time and the weight was really high so when it leaned over it was really hard to hold up. What I did at the time was I did the x bushing and shaved the seat about 1"-1.25" and slid the forks up 15mm. this gave me about 2" lower height from stock and didnt hurt the handling too badly(the xbushing does ever so slightly affect spring damping/spring due to leverage differences). The most annoying thing for me about that was the seat being low made the bars feel tall while the pegs were closer. so I ran a set of lower bars to help with the seat to bar relationship. Another issue with a lower seat is they spread your legs out more as the base is usually wider making it seem not as low as you would think. Since then I sold that and just picked up a 15 200xcw and i bought a second seat to try different setups and stil being able to go back to stock. I think the lighter bike will make enough difference that the height will be more manageable but if I think it is still too tall I may go with the x bushing again as it doesnt cost too much price wise or ground clearance(compared to the 2" kit)
  12. mr.skywalker

    The KTM 200 Club

    Well I just joined the 200 club a last weekend. Picked up a 2015 for descent price bc it needed new cases(front engine mount cracked and rear swingarm mount ovalled out a bit. Turned out to need a bit more work than I thought but all said and done I will still be paying right around the same as what they go for around here and once I am done it will basically be a brand new engine(new crank and top end) and have be setup for me. I was looking to get the new Beta 200rr as everyone around here keeps telling me to get a 200 and I agree its probably the best size for me( I was previously on a 2011 yz125 with EG 144 kit). The beta had an appeal to me bc of the lower seat height (5'8 and 29" inseam) but after checking the specs its basically the same as a lowered ktm(1.5 lower seat and 1.5 lower ground clearance) so why not save a few bucks(or $4500 lol) and get a well known and loved bike. I do ride a dr200 and I keep up with most of the other riders in our area and I think that annoys them I can keep up with an old beater haha(I have a build thread on that bike in the dr forum and it has been an awesome little bike but lacks power and ground clearance) I think they meant a different 200 though 😆 I look forward to riding this thing, possibly this weekend if the crank and piston come in tomorrow 😁 Busted engine mounts Ovalled pivot Engine torn apart Giving her a good cleaning
  13. mr.skywalker

    Keep it Cool. Mx action Moto physics

    I cannot say from any studies I have seen or done about if increased coolant flow increases cooling, but the concept I see is this: The larger the mass of coolant flowing through the system(assuming the same operating conditions of course) the more mass there is to absorb the heat and from only looking at that it would work better. The hard part to justify in my mind is that the less time the coolant spends in the cylinder, the less time it has to pull heat so the delta temp entering in the radiator to the ambient air will be lower, thus reducing its efficiency as well as the higher flow also reducing the time it spends expelling heat into the air. I believe this is the argument for slower flow rates being better. The only sure way to increase cooling capacity by increasing flow rate is to increase the coolant jacket size so the coolant slows more to have more time to pull head and also increase size of radiators to once again increase time to expel heat. This is why in the article they mentioned the massive coolant system works but you compromise bc of weight. Now I do know a bit about radiator design and as a rule of thumb is if you are generating the same power in both scenarios you need completely different radiator designs but both need to carry the same cooling capaity: 1. for slow technical riding you want a wide(large frontal surface area) with a thin core. this allows the slow moving air to pull heat in the low amount of time it has passing through the core. This is the opposite of what you want though bc usually in tight terain you want smaller rads to keep from catching on stuff and bending them 2. for high speed you want a smaller(less frontal surface area) but much thicker core. this gives the extra time needed as air is forced through the core. So that said I never see any marketing say this radiator works better for low speed and this one is better for high speed but if they give you the info you need you can determine which would work better. Hope this helps you if you are looking to make improvements
  14. mr.skywalker

    Keep it Cool. Mx action Moto physics

    Two things I know that are wrong were: 1. "Higher velocity means higher pressure", this is not true, a higher pressure differential generates higher flow rate but the static pressure actually drops as velocity increases. 2. From a scientific standpoint fluid is either turbulant or laminar in flow, basically once it become turbulant increasing the speed does not make it "more turbulant" it just flows faster Maybe those are the two errors the previous guy posted about? FYI also a mechanical engineer (with a focus vehicle dynamics and internal combustion engines) lol
  15. mr.skywalker

    Beta 125rr?

    I think the reason for the kickstart only on the 125 are two reasons: 1. Cost: it drives down the cost, the 200 is essentially the same but has estart and OI but comes at a $400 higher price tag. My guess is that the estart kit once released will be more than this seeing as the kickstart kit is $400 2. The targeted use of the bike is like most 125s, young kids or as a playbike. Weight is more of a concern as it is not typically an older person who is using it as a primary bike so kicking when you are young and have energy or are out playing/training is not an issue but the weight saved is a plus. Although with a 125 Idk if you can call it "kick" start more of a foot drop start haha my yz I could just about start by hand and that was a high compression(race gas only) 144cc