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  1. OhioYJ

    Moving Battery Location

    Even on a road bike you'll probably find you use more suspension travel than you think. The image below is of my bike (taken 5 years ago now), which is sprung for my weight, and I am an amateur. That rear wheel will travel up into that fender more than you think it does when going around corners.
  2. OhioYJ

    Cam Chain with Master Link

    OK, I have to ask... How do you properly setup your bike to protect yourself and it from a big fat flinging piece of metal if a chain breaks?
  3. OhioYJ

    Wheel bearing seal warp9 front wheel

    I'm running the Warp 9 wheels and they still use the speedo drive as a spacer, even though its not functional as a speedo drive. So it will still be there as a seal. I wish they had just included a spacer and seal on that side. However my guess is they wanted to leave everything intact for people that switch back and forth between wheels?
  4. OhioYJ

    Wideband install on MRD tips

    Not to hijack this thread, but I picked up a some stainless bungs quite some time ago. The only thing I'm missing is the gauge. What is everyone using? I'd like something small and "waterproof" preferably.
  5. OhioYJ

    7/8 to 1 1/8 bars

    I think side mounting the the key is fairly clean, just requires a minor modification to the stock bracket.
  6. OhioYJ

    Warp 9 Stiletto Wheels

    Anyone seen the new Warp 9 wheels? https://www.motostrano.com/Warp-9-Forged-Supermoto-Wheels-Pre-Order-p/warp9forged.htm I found these looking into tube-less stuff. I know feedback on Warp9 stuff can be mixed. My Warp9 wheels (SM wheels / conventional spokes) have been perfect for for years. However I can't exactly find any reviews and these wheels aren't exactly cheap. Anyone seen, heard, or better yet got a set?
  7. OhioYJ

    Drz s sprocket change higher speeds

    16/41 and 15/38 are practically the same thing. Or did you mean 16/38, because that would be quite a bit different. Either way thats getting to be pretty high gearing for S wheels. I'm running the 15/38 on SM wheels. Perhaps what you should really look into is a set of ACT wide ratio gears? Note too that the 38T rear sprocket is small for the rear guide, it will clearance the guide itself some for a little bit...
  8. OhioYJ

    Not fat just heavy!

    Its been several years now, but if I remember correctly, RaceTech had the correct front springs but didn't have the matching rear spring. The rear spring was made by Eibach? The oil I just kept OEM weight on the fluid.
  9. OhioYJ

    Not fat just heavy!

    I'm your height, and was your weight when I resprung my SM'd S. I just did springs, as I was planning on losing weight. The springs alone made a huge difference at the track the bike was much more balanced at the track. For the little bit the springs and fork oil and some fork seals cost me, I was very happy.
  10. OhioYJ

    100 Pilot Air Jet - Need a 2018 Discussion

    I'm over in Ohio, and have a slant FCR rather than the MX, and my airbox has a MUCH larger than 3x3, so take this with a grain of salt. When I started dialing mine in I found the recommended settings to be WAY too rich. I tested every jet from 160 down to 148, the bike made the most power on 148. I'd rather be on the safe side of rich I stuck the 150 MJ in when I was finished. On the PJ I'm running a 38. I'd have to dig up my build thread on here, my pilot air jet is adjustable, but I think its like two turns out. Once this was set my decel popping was gone.
  11. OhioYJ

    SM Upper Chain Guide Alternatives

    I'm not sure I would call it a relief, but yes. It fits the E/S swing arm without modifications, unlike the factory SM version. It is designed for the E/S models specifically. You can get just the front guide by itself if you want: http://hotfootmoto.net/store/product.php?productid=18472&cat=279&page=1 Again I've never been impressed by the seller's shipment times or communication, but both times I got what I paid for, and the guides have held up very well (its been a few years now). If I knew of any one that was better I'd post up, but this seems to be a unique item. When I wear this set out, I'll order another.
  12. OhioYJ

    SM Upper Chain Guide Alternatives

    I tried using a spare slider that I cut down, even ended putting it on a bearing, as it kept loosening the bolt. I did this as the facotrg SM guide doesn't fit the swing arm very well. (My DRZ came with the guide when I bought it, just wasn't installed) I ended up ordering this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Suzuki-DRZ-400E-400S-400SM-SM-Style-Chain-Guide-Kit/122017585273?hash=item1c68d09879:g:y8gAAOSwGIRXYroT Its a SM chain guide meant for the S / E swing arm. HOWEVER I'll warn you know the seller sort of sucks on the communication and speed of shipping. At least back when I ordered these. That being said I've ordered two of these now, and both have held up very well and I did get what I ordered. He makes them and I haven't seen another source, so I guess it is what it is. Hopefully those issues have gotten better as its been a couple years. My recommendation would to just buy the guide, and not let a part like this force your tire choice. Its not like you'll be buying a new chain guide every year.
  13. OhioYJ

    Good supermoto conversion kit?

    Can't speak about that vendor, but you are aware that your factory speedo won't work the Warp 9 wheels right? Also without the SM chain guide the chain will get into the tire. At least that was my experience. Just things you'll want to consider on top of just getting the wheels / brakes covered.
  14. OhioYJ

    MRD or Yoshi full pipe for my 07 SM?

    Just to add a couple things: - The Yosh RS2 is by far quieter than the MRD, if you leave the quiet insert / spark arrestor in. However, I've never heard the MRD with the quiet insert in, so that's not entirely fair. The RS2 ships with this insert installed. - The sticker on the RS2 peels right off, if you don't like it, it removes cleanly, and easily. - I cut 3" off my RS2, it changed loudness, ~1 dB, measured with an actual sound level meter (not a phone app or anything, test results a few posts down). I have a post here: So I was actually surprised how little difference shortening the pipe made on the volume level. It's louder, but not to a huge degree. Just something to think about since you are leaning towards the shorter one anyways.
  15. OhioYJ

    Rear brake troubles

    To update this post with my results. While rebuilding everything, I find a lot of buildup in everything. The master cylinder looked ok, but the even the banjo bolts had a lot of debris in them. Keep in mind I flush the fluid regularly running a quality fluid. I always thought my brakes were fine too, and just as good as they were going to get, even with the stainless line. After rebuilding the master cylinder, it's like HansLanda says, I can lock up the wheel very little effort, where before it took a great deal of pedal travel. This tells me even though everything looked fine, clearly something wasn't. It was so sensitive I brought it back to the house after going around the block put it up on stand to make sure it wasn't dragging. I was convinced it had to be trapping fluid somewhere and not releasing. It's working perfect though. I would not have believed it. I'm going to order a kit for my R6 now after feeling the difference on this one. I'm guessing this is why manuals used to specify times that these items should be rebuilt. I know my Yamaha FSM still says every 2 years on the calipers, but it doesn't say anything on the master cylinders other than to check them every 6k miles.