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  1. OhioYJ

    Help Finding Some DRZ Accessories

    I wish, I'm a big fan of Wheeling Cycle Supply. However the DRZ one has been listed as out of stock for a long time.
  2. OhioYJ

    Vortex aluminum airbox

    The problem is it probably has to be reasonable. The next hurdle is the difficultly to install. While there's a lot of us that don't mine pulling the sub frame to remove an air box, that sounds over whelming to some. However, I'm in the process of replicating exactly what Ohio did. So count me as one of those in that camp.
  3. OhioYJ

    Help Finding Some DRZ Accessories

    Nice, I bet that will end up being cheaper. HPS is pretty high on their shipping prices, so it's cheaper from eBay sellers, but I have those in my watch list, so I'll wait and see what Malone says, but I'll probably go the HPS route.
  4. OhioYJ

    Help Finding Some DRZ Accessories

    I also have an email out to Malone racing, as I essentially want to copy your LTZ intake that you pictured a while back. Right now they only have the complete setup listed, so I'm trying to only buy the intake stuff from them.
  5. OhioYJ

    Help Finding Some DRZ Accessories

    I remember seeing the Australian option on eBay a while back, and was hoping Zeta would come back in stock somewhere, but it looks like they have just stopped making them. I may have to pull my wheels and look, my Warp9 wheels definitely do not have the "tangs" so the other spacer route may not look bad. Otherwise I may have to go the Australian route. Just stinks spending that much for something that is purely cosmetic. I'll share what else I have found too, as it maybe helpful to anyone else who is looking, and I'm still very much open to suggestions. On the heat sheild, MRD doesn't list those clamp on carbon fiber heat shields anymore unfortunately. I should have asked Dave about that as I had to send a couple of emails to him, as I had one problem on the website, and needed him to add an O2 bung. I have already ordered a generic heat shield from eBay, I may order a CRF250 heat sheild as well though after I found this: Reference Link: Z-Carbon Heat Shield for DRZ MRD Pipe DRC Heat Protector Z-Carbon Exhaust Heat Shield/Ex-Pipe Guard The one I ordered from eBay is this: Dirt Bike Silver Exhaust Heat Shield Guard Cover Fit Yamaha Kawasaki USA STOCK <-- I planned on just trimming and bending as necessary, but keeping it mostly straight, then polishing it. Mounting it using the mount kit MRD sells. RB Racing makes gauges specifically for motorcycles, although they can be used on other things, at first glance they look ugly, but in other pictures I've noticed they seem to have an overlay and look a bit better. RSR Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges <-- They make two version both a regular O2 sensor version, and a wideband version. I didn't see pricing at all on RB's website though, so I figure I'll call him Monday and ask him a few questions. **edit** Careful what you click on, TT took some of links changed into ads.... Really? I can see taking random words and converting them into "adsense" ads, but converting things that were already links into links, that's sort of misleading, and spammy... Admittedly I doubt they have much control over it, I bet its looking for key words, but still.... **edit**
  6. So I have some winter projects planned for my DRZ. A few things on my list are proving to be a bit harder to find than I originally remember than to be: 1. Looking for an AFR gauge, preferably small and "water proof". 2. Exhaust heat shield. Replacing my RS2 with an MRD. 3. Speedometer Eliminator / Canceler (Like what Zeta used to sell)
  7. Cowpie was talking about on the charger. He knows it will settle to mid 12's after disconnected from charger for a while. Haha, reading comprehension fail on my part...
  8. I would still say 14.5 is really high, and abnormal, this is charging voltage, not a normal at rest voltage. Yuasa Battery Faq, states, fully charged normal voltage is 12.7 or higher. Optima FAQ (I know car batteries), states, all starting batteries, like their red tops should be 12.6-12.8 volts fully charged.
  9. I think you are confusing voltages from running vehicles, and vehicles that are off. Very few batteries are "gel". The more popular types for motorcycles are AGM. There are actual gel batteries, but these should not be confused with AGM batteries. 12.5-12.8 volts is generally considered a full charge. I've found on some AGM batteries, some just end up as low as 12.2-12.5 is a full charge. With the bike running you are hoping for 14-14.9, but anything from 13-15 would charge the battery. The other important thing to consider here is a regular lead acid battery, AGM battery, and a GEL battery all have different charge levels, and should be turned off at different points. This is why nicer chargers have different modes for the different batteries, or can "detect" which battery is connected. The battery voltage maybe initially high too when connected to the charger (and charging), however disconnected from the charger, and sitting, what does it settle out to? Is this an automatic charger, will it turn off? I leave both my bikes and my Jeep on chargers year round, but they sit on nice Optimate chargers. Just now replacing a seven year old battery in my R6. So you can leave them connected all the time, with a proper charger.
  10. OhioYJ

    FCR39 with TPS vs without

    You've seen a new FCR with a TPS?
  11. OhioYJ

    Off season to do list: Can we share notes on this?

    I had debated about them for a while too, but this thread is more making me rethink it (link below) https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1270285-drz400e-wide-gear-ratioanswer-to-my-dilemma/
  12. OhioYJ

    Honda rear master cylinder install questions

    Yes that is the extension that allows it to hold more fluid. See this example Here is an example without one. Just a spacer that goes in between the lid and master cylinder. Remove the bolt, and gently remove the lid, leaving the spacer in place. Don't lift the spacer up with fluid in there or you will have a mess.
  13. OhioYJ

    Run bike with stabilized gas?

    Correct. Since I never know when my bikes or vehicles may sit for a while, they get Stabil in every single tank (year round, always have). My daily driver is the only thing that gets just regular gas.
  14. OhioYJ

    Yoshimura RS2 Header discoloration

    The gold color? That's normal. You can clean it / polish it off, but it will come back off, unless you just never start it up again.
  15. OhioYJ

    Moving Battery Location

    Even on a road bike you'll probably find you use more suspension travel than you think. The image below is of my bike (taken 5 years ago now), which is sprung for my weight, and I am an amateur. That rear wheel will travel up into that fender more than you think it does when going around corners.