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  1. dirtmachine

    Raced a yz250 and yz426f and won!

    wow they must really suck at racing. They should've raped you with those bikes. Congrats, i don't recommend you go back for another race though :cry:
  2. dirtmachine

    Need 05 CRF250R Spark Plug

    Did you check the auto stores?
  3. dirtmachine

    The valve fix... I hope

    You can't use stock springs with SS valves. The valve is much to heavy for the spring, it'll float all over.
  4. dirtmachine

    Fully modified KXF, thinking of buying. Whats it worth???

    The hop up parts like waterpump covers, bars, levers, tires, basic stuff like that won't help your bike go up in value much. However, if you add a nice exhaust system (like white bros. for example) or an aftermarket suspension that costs 5 grand, you have to give them a little something for that.
  5. dirtmachine

    Just out of the crate and the Suzuki dealer...........

    Of course it's much nicer to work on a clean bike, but finding that screw in the mud u just took off your bike makes it so much more fun If you hear squeaks it's too late? What if you take it apart right as you start hearing them? I personally don't have this problem but am curious.
  6. thanks burned, my personal compliments to you.
  7. dirtmachine

    Whats wrong?

    If it ain't starting pop the valve cover and check those clearances.
  8. dirtmachine

    Problem Free

    You can always get more money selling the bike yourself. Lots of people are looking for 4 strokes anyway so it isn't too hard, you can probably get 3500 by selling it urself. If you get an 04 try to get the valve clearances checked before you take the bike.
  9. dirtmachine

    just picked my new toy up

    the chain stretches a lot, you have to tighten it pretty much every ride, u might squeeze in 2 if your lucky. Get some aftermarket bars (twinwalls are nice), I wouldn't change the exhaust until you get used to the bike so you at least know how it compares to a stocker.
  10. dirtmachine

    Oil blow???

    o-rings are the black rubber rings. Make sure your ignition cover isn't leaking either.
  11. dirtmachine

    ThumperTalk G-Strings are here!!!

    why stop at R? go straight on to X
  12. i'm almost 16, u guys are so funny. I didn't even know cartoon network had a website. Actually, i didn't know that channel still existed. U would though, that's your bread and butter.
  13. dirtmachine

    break in ???

    follow the manual to a t, after that you can start pushing it.
  14. dirtmachine

    Thoughts on my 250F - Good and bad.

    Nice to hear an honest review, I hope you didn't beat on the bike and are now returning it to your friend
  15. dirtmachine

    Just out of the crate and the Suzuki dealer...........

    don't loctite the screws that thread into plastic, the threads can possibly crack. I dunno where you live but the grease situation isn't too bad. You can ride it some before you have to worry about greasing the bearings and linkage. It's best to do it before but not totally neccessary. If you hear squeaks, it's time to do it. I must say i disagree somewhat with the "tough breakin" for sealing the rings. While what motoman says is correct, it isn't as good of an idea to do it on a brand new bike. This is because the transmission, clutch and other drivetrain components need to be properly broken in. You don't want to stress the tranny during break in, that could lead to expensive repairs. Once the bike is broken in and you rebuild the engine, do the tough break in by all means.