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  1. XR650Kid

    Octane Ratings: higher = better performance, right?

    i did some engine work and use a stage 1 cam and hi-com piston in my XR650 and I had pinking issues after the work was done. I switched to a higher octane fuel and that cured the problem. Question - under these conditions, will the higher Octane help the motor run cooler?
  2. XR650Kid

    Seat options

    I'm outside the US so I got them to get a second hand pan and build the new seat from that. Great service too - I have nothing but good words but as people say they are not the cheapest but are quite possibly the best! If you value your comfort then its hard to put a price on that!!!!
  3. XR650Kid

    Plastics swap 2003 WR250F

    it's the only tank I have for it I may look at a Clarke or IMS larger tank as gas stations in Laos are few and far between at times! Thanks for the info - looking forward to a fresh look!!!
  4. XR650Kid

    Plastics swap 2003 WR250F

    Hi, Thanks for this - By YZ this is a 05, 04,03 YZ250F - correct?
  5. XR650Kid

    Seat options

    Renzenco Racing seats are superb. I have had a modified (higher) shade one for my pig for over 3 years in tropical conditions - still in perfect condition. I had the rear of the seat widened for those long multi dat trips, perfect!
  6. XR650Kid

    Looking for an Edlebrock carb for my 650?

    Hi, What is your suggestion for an alternative? I have a stage 1 cam - fully uncorked with an XRs Only full racing exhaust system. Thx.
  7. Hi, Does anyone have an Edlebrock carb for sale for a XR650r or know where to buy one? in hope
  8. XR650Kid

    XR650r 102mm bore and piston

    Thanks for the info. So would you suggest to firstly just bore the original cylinder to the new piston size and leave out the new sleeve or bore out, re-sleeve and then bore the new sleeve to the piston? Great advice and thanks!
  9. XR650Kid

    XR650r 102mm bore and piston

    OK thanks - is it a requirement to re-plate or can it run without?
  10. I have just received a new sleeve and 102mm piston from XRs Only for my 2002 XR650r. The guy at the engine shop advised me against boring out the cylinder, pressing in the new sleeve in and boring the sleeve out to the piston as he said the original cylinder would be very thin after machining and would run very hot. Is there any truth in this as it seems a fairly standard replacement and done many times by others. I do live in the tropics so it is hot here but I still have my reservations on his comment. Also, if I do go ahead with this, I can run the engine without the Naskil coating right? Thoughts????
  11. I know this has been done to death but what YZ plastics can but put on my son's 2003 WR250F. The bike already has a YZ tank and rad shrouds. Also, if I want to put a larger tank on it, what years (YZ or WRF) can fit as I don't like the options for the 2003 model. Thanks for your patience
  12. Hi There, Anyone out there looking for riding days out in Laos/Thailand. I'm based in Vientiane and there are a good group of riders here that are up for weekend trips and short 3-4 day enduros into the countryside
  13. XR650Kid

    Show your PIG

    Hi, just joined TT after renovating my new 650r. No matter what you do there always seems be be another job to do