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  1. M_T - 86YZ490

    Hill climbers?

    Super sweet, love hill climbing!
  2. M_T - 86YZ490

    Let's see your pictures!

    Junkman Awesome ill check it out and I wish it were that easy for them to find my bikes. It really sucks! I have a bike now however there my babies.
  3. M_T - 86YZ490

    Let's see your pictures!

    Awesome Junkman! Nice to see there still out there. I also had one that was original then I built a mono shock bike for it pipe and all up until 2008 the ex wife stole it. It was one of a kind and I still miss it. I'd send you pics of my dads however it's at my bro's. My dads is still original.
  4. M_T - 86YZ490

    Let's see your pictures!

    Crystal, in your pics I see what looks like a 74 sc 500 Yamaha. If so would you all still have it. My Dad has one.
  5. M_T - 86YZ490

    crf150f, girls best friend in the jungle! ;)

    Awesome, be careful
  6. M_T - 86YZ490

    Two stroke world chaimponship

    Two strokes are beast..... Live on two strokes!!!
  7. M_T - 86YZ490

    What addiction so you have?

    Hit me up for some ps3 blk ops2
  8. M_T - 86YZ490

    More two strokes at the tracks?

    Two strokes are beast!!!
  9. M_T - 86YZ490

    Pirelli Extra Mid-Soft Tires

    I hear the IRC M5B rear is a great soft terrain tire and good hook up. I haven tried it yet but I'm about to. On my hill-climbing I use the TerraFlex rear which is a beast and has maximum hook up but will not fit inside my stock swing arm.
  10. M_T - 86YZ490

    Any 40+ guys here?

    My dads not a member just briefly telling his story. He's 60, been riding since he was 4, had some scrapes minor breaking of a bone or two through the years, however, that's the type of stuff we normally laugh about dust off and do it all over again. This last month after coming off some hill climbs we were riding down a dirt jeep road with some ruts, small rocks etc like anywhere else. My dads approx 100'- 150' ft in front of me and there's a right hand turn coming. He's now into the turn and I lose sight of him for not even a second before I see dust, my dads on the ground dazed. During all this I'm sliding to a stop jumping off my bike and thinking where the heck is his bike and why am I only seeing the top half of his body. I run over and see that this hole approx 5'- 6' ft deep by 3' ft wide has swallowed up my dad and his bike. We didn't know what to think at the time. I pulled him to the edge of the hole off his bike and started checking for injuries. It was almost immediately we found an injury. He said his left arm didn't feel right and it hurts. So we slowly lift up his sweater and role his glove forward just a little to see and right away we saw his bone sticking out right at the wrist. My dad laid down and took it well. I checked for bleeding and nothing but what came out from when his bone tore through, checked the rest of him and nothing, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing going on inside we cannot see. I slid up his sweater further to find that his arm was broken in more than one place. Obviously he couldn't ride out and were miles from the truck and anywhere so I had to get help. A long story short, by the time I left my dad to get help and have the helicopter follow me in the mountains over an hour has passed. The pilots were awesome and jumping forward his surgery was approx 5 hrs. He broke his arm in three places, dislocated his wrist and that's the bone that tore through, tore ligaments and nerve damage. He has all kinds of hardware holding his arm together some temporary some permanent. Thank goodness it wasn't worse than it was. My dad is optimistic and wants to ride in the future. But of course he will be limited. Get bucked off you shake it off and get back on
  11. M_T - 86YZ490

    Good race fuel for 2 stroke?

    If you are tuned right and your detonating you need to run a higher octane. Not to mention didn't you say your bike recommends a higher octane that is not sold at the pump. My bike runs like crap on pump gas. If I ever run pump gas (which I don't anymore) my bike has no performance and detonates like going out of style. So I run a 100LL and she runs like a champ. There are several combinations
  12. M_T - 86YZ490

    Best power to weight 2-stroke 250 engine

    The YZ490 is awesome. But for an airplane....
  13. M_T - 86YZ490

    Octane and fuel mixture

    I run AV gas 100LL, no detonation awesome performance. Oil I run approx 4.5 ounces of 30 weight motor oil for mix. (Shake well) Running this for years and no complaints.
  14. M_T - 86YZ490

    Tire Preassure

    Ill have to agree with ss109. For me I use low pressure or maximum hook up as I tend to ride more in the winter months and do a lot of hill climbing you need that.