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    Riding anywhere I can with family and good friends. Traveling. Showing my kids the world through my eyes.

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  1. J.Johnson

    2002 KTM 400 EXC OX-Brake

    The Clake LHRB is awesome if you have trouble with the OX.
  2. J.Johnson

    CA emmision regulation changes

    try the wrecking yard. You have to ask for a complete exhaust. They cannot sell just the cat.
  3. J.Johnson

    USB charger

    Amazon and cycle gear carry a good usb charger. Motopower motorcycle usb charger. It will charge an iPad efficiently if needed.
  4. J.Johnson

    2018 CRF230X - 215 lbs street legal

    Well, My 14 year old daughter wants an electric start. She has a crf150r currently. She is 5' and 105lbs. She cannot pick up her aunts 230 very well. but she can pick up her 150 fine. I admire your build here. And am a KTM guy. So I would love to turn a 230 into a KTM like you did. But I already have a 150 and thought it may be easier to cut the lower part of the frame off and make the 230 fit. I would like full size wheels under it also. I have been told the 20" will lace up to the stock front hub and fit. I have a donar rear swing arm for use for parts tot extend the swing arm for the 18" wheel. Or am I better off moding the 230 like you did. Fabrication is easy. I build Race cars for a living. Just need help with where to start for this little girl. I want to make her happy so she keeps riding with dad. My son is 18, off to college and does not ride with me as much as he used to.
  5. J.Johnson

    2018 CRF230X - 215 lbs street legal

    Will a 230 engine fit in the 150r frame?
  6. Camping at June lake First week of august. Are there any must do trails up there. I have not ridden up there yet. Hope there is some ST
  7. J.Johnson

    Bullet Proof Rad Guards rubber straps...

    Figure out the size of the oring he is using and buy a bundle of them on mcmastercarr.com or amazon.
  8. J.Johnson

    Thermostat bypass hacK?

    Look through the parts list. There are hoses you can buy from ktm that were on other models that did not use the thermostat. They also sell the cap to cap off the port on the radiator separate.
  9. J.Johnson

    Numb Hands

    Look up Mako 360. It works better than flex bars IMO. It has helped out a few friends. http://xcgear.com/mako-360/ His facebook and Instagram have more videos.
  10. J.Johnson

    Hand Guards preferred

    SRT or highway dirt bikes is what I use on our bikes. Highway dirt bikes for all of the bikes that have plates. As the mirror attaches nicely to these.
  11. Talk to thumper racing about the ECU. He is in Nevada. Swap out the license plate and tail light mounts for the xcfw model. Sicass has them on their website. that one you have is to long and gets folded under by the tire.
  12. J.Johnson

    Clake Clutch

    I do not run a recluse. I love the one finger clutch and one finger rear brake action on this Clake 2 . I have had it for 3 years now. I ride all day with it. Honestly if any of my fingers get sore, it is my pinky finger from hanging on. But I do multi day rides no problem.
  13. J.Johnson

    Clake Clutch

    I would have to look see if the cable touches the cylinder head. I do not recall
  14. J.Johnson

    Clake Clutch

  15. J.Johnson

    Clake Clutch

    I have a Clake 2 on two of my bikes. Scotts sub mount and all. I had to reroute it a little by just pulling it out of some of the clips that connect it to the stator wires and adjusting the line towards the front of the bike. I also took the rubber cover off of the clutch line fitting at the master cylinder. That let the line swop down ward faster instead of fighting that rubber. Basically just need to zip tie it differently and give it some slack.