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  1. Use wd40 a rag and compressed air. Works great. Been using it for years on race cars to clean the electronics and the wiring harnesses.
  2. I had the flexx bars on my bike and my wife’s. The work ok but are heavy and we can fuel the weight in the steering. Especially in the tight technical single track i switched to t mako to try the out. Like them mice tetra day don’t feel any weight added to the steering. My wife has issues with her hands going numb. The flexx helped. But the mako alleviated it. She has the softest polymers. The reds on the bars. And the green on the shark bite. I use the greens on the bars and the blue on the shark bite. My 2cents for what it’s worth.
  3. The BAJA designs lights are the best in my opinion. They also have a great warranty if you ever need it.
  4. To finish first, first you have to finish. From champ to chump in just one bump.
  5. Chevy. Can’t handle even Volkswagens yet Chevrolet. cheap heap. every valve rattles. oil leaks every time.
  6. One I have used since shop teacher told me it way back when. People only hear 50% of what you say. They retain 50% of what they hear. So 75% of what I have to teach is a waste of my time.
  7. I have had it for 2 years now. Have not needed levers. I use wrap around guards. The levers do rotate backwards though in case of a crash. I ride some rocky rooted single track that takes its toll on bikes. Have not had a lever bend. But have bent plenty of hand guards. Pipes. Silencers and plenty of wheels. Lol the unit is expensive. But I will say that I will not ride without it now. It will get transferred to the next bike when the time comes. Btw. I do Not use a recluse. Never have cared for them.
  8. I love the LHRB. I use the Clake two. A buddy uses the Clake slr. Have never had issues with either of them.
  9. 2013 husaberg fe350. You have to be patient when bleeding this thing. I bake bleed it a lot. Once bleed it is awesome.
  10. I have the Clake 2 on my bike. My buddy has the Clake slr. The quality of the Clake and ease of use is great. I would buy another one any day of the week.
  11. Just to give an update. The Rekluse works awesome. It really helped out my daughter, and me. She can work the clutch fine. But when we get to obstacles she stalls a lot. And she is petite. So she doesn't weigh enough to kick the bike over fast enough to start it. Now I don't have to worry about her stalling on the hills any longer. Stock settings are where I have it.
  12. Ordered the 3.0. Will see how my daughter likes it. Hope it helps her out.
  13. My wife uses blue in compression and yellow on pull up. I use yellow on comp and red on pull. I have pinched nerves in my neck. These bars have helped me ride without having my hands fall asleep from the compression on my shoulders.
  14. I get conflicting info for the ReKluse for a 2007. Rekluse says no, CRFs only says yes. Looking for a different manufacturer.
  15. Does anyone know of a company that makes an auto clutch for the 2007 crf150r. Recluse does not make one. Are there any other companys that make auto clutchs? My Daughter has problems on the technical hills and I am tired of walking back down to help start the bike. I would also like to get a LHRB for her.