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  1. SRT or highway dirt bikes is what I use on our bikes. Highway dirt bikes for all of the bikes that have plates. As the mirror attaches nicely to these.
  2. Talk to thumper racing about the ECU. He is in Nevada. Swap out the license plate and tail light mounts for the xcfw model. Sicass has them on their website. that one you have is to long and gets folded under by the tire.
  3. I do not run a recluse. I love the one finger clutch and one finger rear brake action on this Clake 2 . I have had it for 3 years now. I ride all day with it. Honestly if any of my fingers get sore, it is my pinky finger from hanging on. But I do multi day rides no problem.
  4. I would have to look see if the cable touches the cylinder head. I do not recall
  5. I have a Clake 2 on two of my bikes. Scotts sub mount and all. I had to reroute it a little by just pulling it out of some of the clips that connect it to the stator wires and adjusting the line towards the front of the bike. I also took the rubber cover off of the clutch line fitting at the master cylinder. That let the line swop down ward faster instead of fighting that rubber. Basically just need to zip tie it differently and give it some slack.
  6. Sicass has a plug that eliminates the key switch. It does what you are asking. IT simply jumps two wires in the 4 pin connector.
  7. Get a lithium battery.
  8. Ok. I will accept the riding style. I ride all of the west and in baja. I take excellent care of my equipment and am not one of those guys that throw the bike away. But how do you explain my 16 year old 125lb son cracking one after 25 hrs of use? We do not ride motor cross tracks. Only trails. Im not here to argue, but there is something definitly going on with these pegs. I wish I had picks of my buddies pegs that the hole stretched on the 3rd ride/ 18 hours. I have 42 hours on my fly racing gators now. No. Issues.
  9. swHere are pics. These are the top eyes on the peg. They stretched and you can see one of these ones gave way. I am not a big guy. I weigh 185. My son weighs 125 and broke a set.
  10. I broke 3 sets of tusk foot pegs. I now run FLy racing Gator footpegs. And RMATV was a pain to get them to warranty just one set. They would not warranty after that. I had them split on the top hole for the pivot pin. One time was in mexico 90 miles form the truck. By the time I got to the truck I was holding my leg up in the air cuz there was no peg left.
  11. Here is my experience. I will start with why my wife and I tried the flexx bars. I have a husaberg 2013 fe350. Wife rides a 2014 husky fe250. We are both in our mid 40s. I have ridden dirt bikes my whole life she has risen for about 6 years on two wheels . Before that it was a trx250r. My wife has a problem with her hands falling asleep while riding. I have had both shoulders repaired, crushed discs. and have a problem with my rt hand going numb every now and then. We tried the flexx bars after a friend recommended them. I did not car for the weight of the bars. Made the steering feel very heavy in the slow tech stuff and added speed wabbles at high speed in the rough. Note. This was the only change that I made to the bike at the time. The following trip out I took my stock bars and clamps with me to see if they remedied what I thought the flexx bars caused. Tried the stock bars and flexx bars the same weeken on the same trails. I was right. The bars weight changed how my steering felt. I put about 400 miles on the flexx bars trying them. They did take some of the trail trash out of the bars. And did help with my hand going numb a little. Wifes trial. I did not tell her what I was experiencing cuz she tends to cruise and so she may not be as sensitive as I am to what the steering was doing. She felt that her hands did not ingle as much as before. So we could ride a little further without taking a break. Now. I found out about the mako 360 and swapped it into my bike. I purchased all of the shark bit polymer options. So I could test what durometer I preferred. Off the bat I could not feel any added weight to the steering. No affect at high speed. I feel that i helps with my numb hand a little mormthan the flexx. This may due to the fact that I did not have to work as hard at the bars as I did with the flexx because of the weight of the flexx. In the end I found that I like the green bar polymers and blue shark bite polymer. I may try the reds on the bars soon. Wife. I installed the mako on the wifes bike without telling her. I made changes through out the weekend on the polymers to see if we had to take breaks less or more. After a couple of weekends I found that the red polymers in the bars and the the yellow on the shark bit let her ride longer than before. These are both the softest polys from mako. We both still run the makos. I have not tried the mako and the stock bars on the same weekend like a did with the flexx.
  12. I have been selling the KL-97 filter kits for KTMs for a while now. Includes filer and clamps. $16 shipped in usa
  13. Look up Mako 360. I like it better than the Flexx bars. And you can use the bend or bars that you like.
  14. Use wd40 a rag and compressed air. Works great. Been using it for years on race cars to clean the electronics and the wiring harnesses.