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  1. Australia

    Canbrra hey! Is there good places to ride there ?
  2. Australia

    Thanks for that do you know the dude from hpf at geps cross I went n had a chat with him he seems to know his shit Owen mittle is his name
  3. Australia

    Hi mate do you know who would be good to use for gearbox repairs on my yz490 in adelaide I'm really not sure who to use ?
  4. Still want to know if anyone has any can recommend a good shop/mechanic for old school 2 strokes
  5. Sweet what models ? I have some yz250k parts that I was just out in the shed sayin my last goodbyes to if you need any
  6. Is the it250 motor same as the yz250? I have some yz 250 parts I want to use in a it ??
  7. Anyone know who I could use in adelaide who's good with old 2 strokes I have a 1982 yz490 I need some work done on and don't want to take it to someone who dosnt respect the the old stuff
  8. Yeah that's what the dealer told me. The only thing I didn't mention is I'm in australia where we got the euro model with white plastics and red seat
  9. I was at yamaha dealer today buying some bits and i asked the guy for some touch up paint for my frame he told me my yz490j 1982 frame should be black but mine is red sooooo has someone painted it or is he wrong cos half the bikes around are red and half black? Was this euro/USA model difference ?
  10. Australia

    Mines a 2006 crf450r
  11. Australia

    Ahh ok I'll have to head out that way for a ride one day!