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    East Fort Rock ate my tire!

    My first Artrax rear had a sidewall split within the first 5 miles following my kid around on his 50. Motosport replaced it and the seconds one was fine. Guess that could have happened with any tire???
  2. Terrain Rider 4z

    East Fort Rock ate my tire!

    I have been really happy with the 907 rear and Artrax SE3 front.
  3. Terrain Rider 4z

    What slowed YOU down?

    Yes, Kevin's widow.
  4. Terrain Rider 4z

    What slowed YOU down?

    Watching Jamie Parks be driven off the 24 Hour course was heart wrenching and made me think of my own wife and two-year old boy I had sitting at home. Our group had a big discussion and we're all deeply saddened. We raced on and we're doing really well. I was on the 6 AM lap and we were in 2nd place. I don't remember any of this, but apparently passed first place (his account) and was hauling ass. He says he found me 40 feet from my bike and out of it. I got pissed off, yelled at him after he tried to help me up, then chased him the next 12 miles back to the pits. My buddies loaded me up in MedStar and I was flown to Yakima. The only things I remembered we're going to bed at 2 AM and my wife and buddies talking to me in the hospital at 3 PM. The first thing I thought about was the crash the day before, my wife, and my kid. I sweated like a whore in church at work for the next two weeks and couldn't solve a math problem for three months. I didn't tell anyone because I did not want to lose my job. Thankfully I am 100% again. I still ride hard in the backcountry, but don't race. I decided to save the rest of my time for riding with my kids.
  5. Terrain Rider 4z

    Washington LPO Trail Clearing Party

    http://www.dnr.wa.gov/event/little-pend-oreille-orv-annual-trail-clean-out This Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM from Sherry Creek campground.
  6. Terrain Rider 4z

    LPO Trail Clearing Party

    Yep, a little late notice, you can make it or you can't, sorry. I knew the date was confirmed through DNR about 6 days ago, then waited on my informant to let me know how snow was coming off before going public and bringing a bunch of people up to battle snow. Kind of a tough thing to organize as we have to pick "the right weekend".
  7. Terrain Rider 4z

    Dirtbike clubs are you a member?

    I have been a member of PANTRA off and on for the last 12 years or so. When we first joined we lived in Spokane, had no kids, and no riding buddies. We joined PANTRA to meet new people and RIDE! We were close enough to attend meetings and did so, but we also drove with a group of other members to a lot of land use meetings and built great connections. Over time there became this big push to increase numbers and take on more and more CSAs to increase finances. The same people were showing up to work days, membership numbers were high, but active involvement was low. Soon, people lost interest, and a lot of the active people moved off in their own direction, but still do hang out here and there. I think numbers falsify power. A cohesive group that rides together and works together is a lot more meaningful than huge numbers. People want to be part of a strong, fun group. People don't value surface level groups so much. When a person can join an organization, then move into presidency in a year or two it is not a healthy state. This is what PANTRA has struggled with for a good seven or eight years now. Don't get me wrong, there have been some great people involved, but it is just not a healthy scenario. We are not Seattle, don't worry about quantity, worry about quality! If I knew there were gonna be quality people showing up to ride, I would show up more often. There for a while you did not know who/what was gonna show up and ruin the day. Might not be what everyone wants to hear, but it is what I have observed. At one point PANTRA was handing out free memberships with every new dirt bike purchased, that was definitely not the answer!
  8. Terrain Rider 4z

    monster Snow Bike Garage

    Is that a wing, or a ski? That thing is huge! I doubt your ski will spend a lot of time on the ground. I mounted my track up today, looking toward BC.
  9. Terrain Rider 4z

    What battery are you running in your KTM 450/530?

    My stocker was still alive in my 450, but then I got into snowbiking. Built a 540 through DJH, drug her out in the cold, at high elevation, and had to kick and kick. The stocker worked as a restarter only. Replaced with a YTZ7S, fit perfect, haven't kickstarted in 8 months
  10. Terrain Rider 4z

    Riding in the Spokane area

    I believe the lodge put in new tanks at the end of the year last year when the new owners took over. They now carry ethanol free premium. We filled up earlier this summer and had no issues. The E free is the same price as it is in Spokane and Deer Park too. The forest is on stage 3 fire restrictions, so we can't cut trail as of right now. Reports are about 12 trees per mile on average, but there is much heavier devastation in pockets near the west end do of the system.
  11. Terrain Rider 4z

    good chainsaws for packing on a bike

    Midwest Mountain Engineering and Stihl MS180. I have the saw out, cut the log, and am putting the saw away before others can get there saw out of the mount. It is way cool!
  12. Terrain Rider 4z

    Discover Pass, Dual Sport and OHV tags

    Haha. If it were a bald eagle I could get carbon credits, right?
  13. Terrain Rider 4z

    Discover Pass, Dual Sport and OHV tags

    Sooooooo, I have my bike dual registered as a CYC and as a snowmobile. Is it possible to triple register? Never gonna happen, but just wondering. My bike costs me more to license than all of my other vehicles combined. We love Washington.
  14. Terrain Rider 4z

    Trail chainsaw opinions

    Is that DM PDX?
  15. I have a freshly built 540 and recently purchased a 41 mm carb off of a 2011 SXF. Started with 185 main, JD red 4th position and a 42 pilot. Starts great and ran fine first time out between 5000-6000 feet. Wondering if I am likely to rich on the main? Bike will be running from 4-8000 feet. Any advice would be appreciated.
  16. Terrain Rider 4z

    Snowbike- Timbersled.

    I followed the directions and had rock hard brakes within 5-10 minutes.
  17. Terrain Rider 4z

    Timbersled Snowbike length?

    What if you ran an 8 inch bolt with Harbor Freight wheels through the spindle to load, then loosened the pinch bolts on the fork tubes and slid them up?
  18. I have an 07 450 XCW that I bought new in 08 and have loved the bike since day 1. The bike is nearing 420 hours and 7000 miles of solid singletrack riding without any engine work. I have a Timbersled Mountain Horse arriving for this winter and know I am overdue for a new top end. What should I do for a rebuild? I want a bike that is super friendly on the trails like the 450 has been, but don't want to be struggling in the snow either. I have been looking at the KTM 540 SXS kit at 11:1 compression, TR 540 kit at 12.5:1, and the stock 525 cylinder and piston. Another option is the 470 at 12.5:1. I am not rich (school teacher) and have a young family, so there is a cost factor....hoping to finish her up for $1500. I trail ride mostly in NE Washington and North Rideaho on singletrack only.
  19. Ended up going with a KTM Hard Parts 540 cylinder with a Wossner 12.5:1 piston, unshroud valves, +1 Kibblewhites, and an 806 cam. Planning on adding an SXF 41 mm carb and silencer down the road as money allows. Riding the next two weekends, then sending it off to Dave for some motor magic!
  20. Looks like $233 to get bored and plated, then $200 for the Vertex piston. Plus a little more to ship my cylinder. The 525 top end kit is on sale for $720.
  21. Is there not enough cylinder wall on the 450 cylinder to have it bored and re Nikasiled to a 525?
  22. What about boring to a 525, which would preserve cylinder wall thickness, then running at 12.5:1 compression?
  23. I won't be building a 450 as it won't give me enough power for the snow, especially with the wide ratio. The KTM 540 kit is OEM with larger cooling jackets and a thicker wall than the overbored cylinder, and is touted as being quite reliable. My two best options look to be the 525, which is actually a 510; or the 540, which is actually a 532. Again, the stock 540 and 525 are only 11:1 compression, which I think I will like on the trail, but wondering about the snow. Has anyone ran the 540 at 11:1?
  24. Terrain Rider 4z

    DOT Tire Suggestions

    Sedona MX887IT is DOT and a real knobby. I have ran a few and am very happy with them. Have never lost a knob and get around very well, though they aren't the best in sand. I have never ran the front, but it looks decent. $54 for the rear and $40 for the front at Cycle Gear on sale. Can't beat the price and they wear really well.
  25. Terrain Rider 4z

    LPO Trees Down?

    Headed up to ride LPO on Monday and curious to know how many trees are down and where. I have my saw mount on right now and will pack if needed, but would love to take it off if unnecessary. We cut the Connector from Rd 629 to Beaver Lodge last weekend. Maybe a dozen trees down on the Batey side.