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  1. Bryan47

    Another Charging Question

    Ah ok, cool. That looks like a good way to do it, thanks for the info!
  2. Bryan47

    Another Charging Question

    Oh say, Flyandride, when you made your own wiring harness, did you add a relay to operate the lights, or is all the lighting power taken from one little wire?
  3. Bryan47

    FAQ linked site is down?

    Yep, that's what I was looking for, thanks Kenny! I bought a used starter clutch & cover from a '06 wr450, then picked up the bushing at my local dealer, found a guy selling new starters for $100, now the magic button works again!
  4. Bryan47

    Another Charging Question

    Ok cool, Thanks for the response Flyandride, I appreciate all the info! I checked the headlight and it is a stock 55/60 watt H4 bulb. Looks like for now I'll go with a led tail light, and then look into getting a better stator.
  5. Bryan47

    Another Charging Question

    Ok, a short update, I adjusted the voltage Regulator so I'm getting 12.9 at idle with the lights on, now it's overcharging at rpm even with the lights on....guess I need to go with some LED lights or tone down the regulator and let it draw off the battery until the rpms are up. Anyone have some voltage readings on their bikes at idle with lights on?
  6. Bryan47

    Another Charging Question

    Hello guys, I have another charging question...I have a 2003 wr450 with a modded stator (floated ground) and a Trail Tech adjustable Regulator/Rec. I just replaced the Baja Designs Regulator/Rec (with the trail tech) because it wouldn't charge the battery. With the old Regulator all the lights would work but whenever the engine was revved up the headlight would go really dim. I found someone had modified the stator but didn't take the headlight off the AC circuit. So I rewired the headlight into the brown wire on DC voltage, so if I turn off the ignition, the lights will go off too. The problem I have is with the headlight on, my battery voltage is only around 11.8 to 12 volts at idle. With the engine revved up it's only slightly higher 12.1. Do I need a different headlight? with the headlight turned off at idle I'm getting 14.1 at the battery. Has anyone heard of a stator going bad and acting like this? I can adjust the regulator up a little but I think it will be overcharging the battery whenever I run without the headlight. What's your guy's thoughts?
  7. Bryan47

    06 WR450 - Dim headlight when reving

    Did you figure this one out? I bought a bike used with this kit on it an it's having the same issue.
  8. Bryan47

    Yamaha WR450 03 Headlight dims when reving

    Man I wish guys that start these threads would come back and let us know what the end results are!!! I have the same issue......
  9. Bryan47


    I know this post is old but nobody responded.... I just went through the same deal with my bike. My 03' WR 450 had a bad starter, so I found a local starter shop that could get one for $200, put it in and it lasted about 20 starts and the teeth on the end of the starter shaft stripped off. I found out the hard way that this year WR450's have a bad design in the starter gears. If the engine backfires while you're cranking it will shock the starter teeth, and break them off. You can upgrade the 'starter clutch' gears from any newer year bike. I just found a used set of gears and side cover from an 06' on e-bay and also found another guy selling starters for $100. I'm sure if you do a search there is a thread with all the part numbers you'd need to do the upgrade. Only part I had to go my local dealer for was the small bushing that goes into the case. Hope this helps!
  10. Bryan47

    1986 cr500 power?

    That is a little high on price, but if you can do mechanical work yourself try an offer him a few hundred less and fix it yourself. The anti-freeze getting into the oil sounds like a water pump seal. Not too drastic unless the anti-freeze has been in there awhile. Not sure about the availability of radiators but you may have a couple hundred dollars in parts to get it running good again. An 86' 500 had the highest compression I think, it is a powerhouse....fun to ride once you get use to it.
  11. Bryan47

    FAQ linked site is down?

    Anybody know what's up with the wr450.com site? A few of the FAQ's link to that site and it show's is due for renewal or deletion? Or is there another site that show's the 03' wr450 starter upgrade?
  12. Ok, who is James Dean and how can I contact him? I have the same problem with my bike.
  13. Bryan47

    Anyone heard of a YZ 105? Has a big bore kit

    Ok for an update, I stopped by the local Yamaha shop, found the stock pilot jet is 45, I have a 42 in this carburetor now. So I bought a 45 and a 48. So actually my jetting is rich because of my idle screw being turn in almost all the way and it running basically on the needle jet, and not at all on the pilot circuit. Tried the 45, I found the engine would not change when the air screw was turned in all the way. I put in the 48 and that made a difference, the engine would die if I turn the air screw in all the way, but it still doesn't want to idle, so it looks like I may need a bigger pilot jet.
  14. Bryan47

    Anyone heard of a YZ 105? Has a big bore kit

    Yes that's my bad, I meant 'air screw'. I'm finding out that this setup is very finicky to tune.