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  1. commguy23

    07 WR250F Air Filter

    I feel horrible asking this.... but I need help with some basic air filter maintenance. This is my first time opening the air box and the filter is extremely dirty. I ordered a new twin air filter from amzn for $27. The air filter is wrapped around a white cone, I'm not sure how to get the old one off without ripping it (the part that goes through the filter). Thanks for the help
  2. commguy23

    WR250F O-Ring Mod

    Hmm... it definitly made my throttle response worse when I pulled it, since every time I tried to peg the throttle to wheelie (without the clutch) it would bog down to no power. I put the wire back in and didn't have the issue. Maybe I pulled the wrong one. As for the O-ring, you say a #78 plumbers oring, I am going to go pick one up at ACE hardware today, I just want to verify that this is the THICK oring in the JD jet kit instructions correct? Because it comes with 2 of them, a thin and a thick oring. Thanks again
  3. commguy23

    WR250F O-Ring Mod

    Not yet, I ordered the screw Friday though. I thought the screw only affects more of top speed, since I'm not twisting the throttle all the way when I'm in 1st or 2nd gear.
  4. commguy23

    WR250F O-Ring Mod

    Thanks guys. I tried the grey wire mod and had a problem with hitting the throttle hard, like to pull up the front wheel in second gear for example. I didn't have this problem until I removed the grey wire. I reconnected it and the problem went away. I mean I still can't peg the throttle as much as I would like to but its definitely better off without that mod.
  5. commguy23

    WR250F O-Ring Mod

    When I installed the JD Jet Kit last weekend I used the thin o-ring to be safe, since I ride only trails. I want some more power during acceleration but I lost the other thick o ring that came with the kit. Is this something I can pick up at an ACE hardware store? This is on an 07 WR, also has the baffle and snorkel removed, #40 leak jet, 180 main, stock pilot. Top speed on pavement is about 56mph.
  6. commguy23

    Stripped Carb Thread

    I'm going to give this stuff a try: http://www.amazon.com/Loctite-Form-A-Thread-repair-kit-grey/dp/B000WSEUII Its called loctite striped thread repair. Anyone ever used it? It doesn't require a tap.
  7. commguy23

    Need advice

    I ended up getting the leak jet off ebay. I'm curious as to which O-ring you guys used? I used the thin one from the JD kit. Not sure if it makes a big difference or not.
  8. commguy23

    Stripped Carb Thread

    I'll try the helicoil. That way I wouldn't have to take the carb off. Never used it before. I checked Autozone and the local ACE hardware stores, the smallest ones they have are pretty big. Does anyone know what size I need? I looked up a new OEM carb and they're $1200. Unbeleivable.
  9. commguy23

    07 WR250 jetting

    What did you end up going with for jets? I also will be running the yz exhaust on my 07 WR. I used the recommended settings in the JD kit: #180 main, stock pilot, #40 leak jet, RED needle with clip 3rd notch down, and the THIN O-ring mod. I also am in the 0 - 500 elevation range, and have the snorkel removed. The low end bog is gone now but the bike still seams very slow. I'm coming from a Suzuki Z400 and this bike is a dog compared to the z400. Acceleration is slow and I'm topping out at about 55mph.
  10. commguy23

    Stripped Carb Thread

    I used some red loctite and got it to the point where I couldn't tighten it anymore with my fingers, and left it. I ripped around for about 10 minutes and there was no leak. I'm sure it will come when I hit the trails. It just so happens that it is the one whole where the top is not exposed If I take the carb off and bring it to a dealer, would they be able to retap it? New carbs are rediculously expensive.
  11. I was working on installing the JD Jet Kit on my 07 WR250F (with the carb on the bike), when I was putting the bowl back on, one of the screws stripped. Not the head, but the thread on the carb itself is stripped, since I tried a different screw in and it did the same thing, just keeps spinning. Is there an easy fix to this? Is it ok with just 3 of them tight? The screw I can get finger tight, then when I put the allen wrench on it to tighten it keeps spinning. I'm thinking just the top of the threads are stripped, so I might just throw some locktite on. What color would be good for this purpose? And, should I be using a sealant where the bowl meets the carb, or just trust the gasket alone? Thanks for the help!
  12. Those of you with the JD jet kit, which O-ring did you use for the accelerator pump? I'm not sure weather to use the thick or the thin one? I am using a 180main, stock pilot, #40 leak. Thanks
  13. commguy23

    Need some help

    I used some RED loctite and tightened the screw to the point where I coudn't spin it anymore with my fingers. I rode around a bit and there was no leaks. It is the one whole that does not go through to the top, so I cant just use a longer screw. If I take off the carb, will a yamaha dealer retap it? A new carb is wicked expensive. Also, I tried researching how to get the carb off and all the threads say to remove the subframe. I do not know what the subframe is. The part the the fender attatches too? I don't see how removing that exposes the carb anymore. I have the service manual but could not find anything about how to remove the carb. The carb section shows details about how to take apart and rebuild the carb, but not how to remove it.
  14. commguy23

    Need some help

    I totally forgot the throttle stop. I'll have to do that too still. I don't think I'm going to do the grey wire mod since people seem the think it performs better in trails without that mod. What will happen if I leave the baffle screws in? And can you explain "chasing". I guess I'll try to find a how-to guide to get the carb off, the thumperfaq site is only up to 05 bikes.
  15. commguy23

    Need some help

    So I picked up a completely stock 07 WR250F last weekend with very little use. I started on the free mods today, removed the snorkel and the baffle. Now, when I was taking out the baffle, all 4 bolts snapped. I wasn't sure what to do with the screen so I took that out and just put back on the cap. See the attached Pics and let me know if this is ok. Then I started installing the JD jet kit. I got the needle in, red with the clip on 3rd notch from the top, the 180 main jet and #40 leak jet. That all went well. Then when I was putting the bowl back on, one of the screws stripped. Not the head, but the thread on the carb itself is stripped, since I tried a different screw in and it did the same thing, just keeps spinning. Is there an easy fix to this? It is the screw on the front left side of the bike. And is it ok with just 3 of them tight? Thanks for the help! I didnt get to install the o ring for the accelerator pump yet. I found it very difficult to get the bowl screws off with the carb on the bike, but could nt figure out how to get the whole carb off. Hopefully getting the cover off for the accelerator pump mod is easier.