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  1. Hi all, new arrival here, but I've been jones'n for a lightweight dualsport (compared to my Vstrom 650!) for casual trail riding, and commuting to work. I have a 2006 Vstrom 650 right now that is all kitted up for long range rides and dirt road exploring. It's a great bike, but I'm looking for something that I can beat on a bit more in the dirt. I'm an old x-moto racer, so I got a handle on the dirty side of things riding-wise, but really don't want to dump a lot of coin on a "2nd bike". I came across two bikes in my local Craigslist, a 1994 KLX 650, in very good condition for around $2200.....The owner seems to be pretty knowledgeable about the bike, has had it only for a few years, and didn't ride it that much - only put 3k on it. The bike has almost 14k in mileage, and has new-ish 50/50 style tires, sprockets/chain are fresh, oil changes at 2k intervals, and valves recently checked. It's a very clean bike too, with no obvious battle scars. On the flip side, someone else is selling also a 1994 Dr 350, has 6500 miles on it, and is in extremly nice condition. It also has renthal bars, white bros exhaust system, and dot knobbys. It's a 2nd owner bike, and he bought it for his wife 3 years back, but it was too tall for her. It's also the first of the electric start models, which is a bonus. It's super clean, and only $1500. Clearly, the KLX is the superior bike, but the DR has mega-aftermarket support - big plastic tanks, seats, etc.....while the KLX doesn't even register a blip on the radar (for obvious reasons...) Would I be foolish to buy a bike like the KLX 650, that has zero aftermarket + questionable parts availability, or go with the DR 350, a bike that is clearly supported by the aftermarket? Both bikes are appealing in their own way......