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  1. Thunderbolt75

    How muddy do you get your DRZ?!

    Are you running the inverted seal Dirt Skinz on you bike?
  2. Thunderbolt75

    My Garmin GPS mount

    I love the Ram mounts too. I have a handlebar mount on my Arctic Cat, DRZ-400S, and another on my G3 (green boat). I can use the GPS mount on all of them. I can also swap in the gyro-mount cup holder too.
  3. Thunderbolt75

    motorcycle driving test nj

    I took my test back in '97 on a borrowed '84 Honda 250 XL. They never looked at the bike. I took my buddy's son down to take his test in 2007. I rode the course on my '01 Springer. It was much easier with a lower center of gravity. But if you can't pass the test on the bike you regularly ride you shouldn't be riding it.
  4. Thunderbolt75

    Shifter is blackening my boot.

    Thanks for all the responses. I'm going to try the clear tubing. If that doesn't work I'll get the folding Knurled Shifter lever.
  5. Thunderbolt75

    Shifter is blackening my boot.

    Before you flame me up too bad, I work in a uniform environment. I wear flesh out tan tactical boots and ride to work the majority of days. My shifter rubber is leaving a nice black scuff on my left toe. Normally I would consider this a badge of honor, but in uniform it looks like I have dirty boots. Does anyone know of a replacement rubber? Maybe polyurethane?
  6. Thunderbolt75

    Running leaded gas in fuel injected bikes

    A lot of guys around here run 100 octane low lead AV gas in small engines from air compressors to bikes. No problem with white powder or water accumulation but bring your wallet. It's not cheap but you won't need a bunch of additive either.
  7. Thunderbolt75

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    These are from my back yard. I live in Cumberland County. I've been looking at all of these pictures with mountains and beautiful vistas and then I see this one and I said, "Hey, that's East Point!"