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  1. Have a '08 650L. De-snorkled, Dave's mods, 14t "R" cs- 48t RR sprockets. FMF Q4 slip on. Looking for a way to really boost performance. Considering Hot Cam. How much will that gain me. Looking for any other ideas. Ride a lot of tight trails with my son(cr250) and a few miles on roads. If I can't find some HP soon, I'm thinking about jumping to a crf 450x. Thanks for any ideas.
  2. 08 Xr650L. From what I gather, needs to be rejetted to around 55 pilot, 158-160 main. I've seen the cross reference chart to Dynojet. Do I need 55/160 Keihin or Dyno? Thanks for all the help, I've been reading for two days and can't find anything 100%. Slushfish