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  1. AfroPowa

    KLX from Downunder

    I think thats definitely as woken up as it gets. NICE! Thats gotta have a high price tag on it now...
  2. I have a "Ceet" seat cover wrapped around a stiffer seat foam, and will trade for a stock KLX300 seat.
  3. I have a stiffer seat foam plus a gripper style "Ceet" seat cover, and want to trade for a newer nice condition stock seat for my klx300. U pay both ways shipping. I'm in Southern California by the way.
  4. AfroPowa

    Answer fork kits

    yeah never tried them though should be good,...... im f@#$%d up right now!!!!
  5. AfroPowa

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke?

    hmm... what's the name of this site again? I dunno, but im always sticking with the four strokes, especially for the trail riding
  6. AfroPowa

    Streetbike Question-

    im in CA, im gonna try to get the bare minimum, not sure what that is yet, but i hope im not in the full sportbike category !
  7. I dont wanna join a streetbike forum for one thing, but how is streetbike insurance for a say- 17 year old( by the time i get one). I hear its way costly for my age and i was lookin at a suzuki gs500, which is a beginners bike, but its listed under the same insurance as racing bikes, but since theres only one insurance type to insure under, it cant be much. Putting it this way, would it be more expensive than a toyota pickup for my age?
  8. AfroPowa

    KLX 400 S Need to lower it? Please help!

    i have a kouba link for my 300 and it works great. I'm thinking about shaving seat foam too, but the preload also determines how low and soft u want your ride. I dunno about the front of urs, but i got about 1/2 inch lowered by sliding the tubes down to get it a little more evened out
  9. AfroPowa


    THNX... Soo, how much does Bruce charge for this, wherever he is ? Do i just mail him my cam?
  10. AfroPowa


    I've read posts and know what the acr mod does, but i'm not mechanically enough inclined to do it. Where should I bring my bike, or my camshaft? Can anyone do it or should i get someone i know...?
  11. AfroPowa

    Can you ride from your door?

    Surpised how many people have it so good for easy riding, then again I'm in big, crowded, growing California I;m movin the day i get outta highschool
  12. AfroPowa

    33 mikuni TECH

    I got my 98 klx300 used already equipped with the 33 mikuni carb. I've read other posts on jetting, but I don't know how the previous owner had it and where the adjustments are!! Is there a manual or diagram showing all the adjusting screws, idle, fuel, etc? I jsut dunno whats what
  13. AfroPowa

    Big bike small guy

    hey i got a 98 klx300, and everyon i've told has been telling me its a big bike for me. I'm 16, 5'3", about 115 lbs, but hoping to bulk up a big amount. I liked my dads identical bike with the kouba lowering link, and with boots i should barely reach on both sides of the bike, but am I gonna be allright for trail riding? I'm not an aggresive rider really, I just didnt want to mess around with mid sized bikes, and wanted something to keep for a while. Think ill be fine stopping on slopes and sharp turning? Any short rider techniques? By the way my buddy's only a couple inches taller and went from a crf150 to a early 90's cr250. thnx
  14. AfroPowa

    GOT IT!!

    Thnx for the help guys. I found out that the back tire spins too when i try and kickstart the bike in first with the clutch in.... ill look into adjustment. Anyone know where I can get tough up pain to match the rest of my purple( ) frame where i have rust??? Cant go tearing up the bike to repaint newer klx green now...
  15. AfroPowa

    GOT IT!!

    Hey anyone know how often miss shifts are on a klx300? Especially with mine being a 98, should I look into the shift star replacement right now? Also, when I roll the bike on neutral it rolls with no resistance, clutch in or out, but when i roll the bike in any gear with the clutch in, I feel a lot more resistance. My dads 01 klx300 doesnt do that, why does it do that?