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    2003 Ktm sx 125 engine knock and clutch questions

    Pulled the top end and nothing but bad news... Cylinder has spots where nikasil has worn off, top end obviously has to be replaced, rod has quite a bit of play up and down, I figure thats not healthy. So basicly looks like whole motor needs an overhaul, swingarm and wheel bearings replaced, and I'm worried the clutch might need work at some point as well. I dont know whether to just sell it or try and part it out or to fix it up at this point, I dont plan to race it or anything and I'm not sure if its worth the time and money invested. hmmm
  2. A while back I picked up an 03 sx 125 for a screaming deal and It needs a little work. It does not run unless pop started and compression is very low I checked it with a tester and got 88 lbs so I know it needs a top end something fierce but Im not as worried as I am about the knock... when it is kicked over you can hear it knock and also when its running it knocks very obviously. I am worried that the crank bearings may be bad. It had very little oil in the case and it was gray and dirty, I replaced it with some shell rotella but knocking did not subside. I am hoping the top end is just overly worn and knocking around, any other ideas that are typical with ktm that could cause the knocking? Other than that I was also wondering I know ktm has a hydraulic clutch but when I put it in gear and pull the clutch it doesn't free wheel, it acts as if still in gear. Also I know it needs swing arm bearing and wheel bearings. Any tips on removal and installation? Also are there any good parts sites where I can get decent quality parts for the lowest price? I really appreciate the information.