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  1. . Not a great pic but it's the best I got right now. It's a 04 yz250f.
  2. Oldsmar55

    6200$ for a set of forks?

    So what makes an a-kit suspension so much different from Stock. May be a stupid question but I haven't really read Into the a kit stuff yet. How much better is compared to a complete set up stock suspension with a revalve?
  3. Oldsmar55

    Bowers on 22 Motorpsorts for Vegas

    I understand a lot of people think he should pursue supercross. At the end of the day though it's his decision to make. He only needs to please himself and I believe that he is doing that right now. With him being in school I think that's a big part of this whole thing. Also the fact that he can stay in arena cross and make a lot more money obviously plays into the decision. I think eventually you're going to see him in supercross but it's going to be on his terms. Hate on the man if you want but he seems to be happy where he's at and who can blame him. He's making a living riding a dirt bike while he's in school. In the summers I believe he heads down to Costa Rica and rides for a team down there(Correct me if I'm wrong on that but I believe that's what he does). Summers in Costa Rica while getting paid to ride a bike. You just can't beat that. People can hate on him if they want and I'd get where they're coming from, but me personally I have nothing but respect for the man.
  4. The pics don't do that jump justice haha. I ride there a lot and that table to table is impressive. I know I'm a slow rider but it's always impressive to see others hit it.
  5. Oldsmar55

    Having trouble with rollers.

    yea that's were I have been riding of late. I just recently got into track riding so I'm just trying to take it all in and learn as much as i can. I was having a little trouble when it was just straight rollers but I've gotten a lot better at cornering(still suck at it though lol) and like you said just trying to keep the front end light. The main problem I've been having is I don't get enough seat time so I need to start gettin out there more. Right now I go about once ever 2 weeks and I like to get to the point where I at least ride every week so hopefully I see u out there sometime.
  6. Oldsmar55

    Having trouble with rollers.

    . Hahaha no I did not.
  7. Oldsmar55

    Having trouble with rollers.

    Well the good news is I've been out to the track twice since I originally posted this and I've improved so much in the roller section. It's now one of my favorite sections of the track. The bad news is I crashed last week and went over the bars and it looks like I'm gonna need shoulder surgery ((. Already had it on the same shoulder once so I'm a bit worried. Not giving up on the sport though.....you live and learn next time ill just be more careful. Thanks for the help guys the tips really paid off and to the post above^ nothing will help you more than seat time.
  8. Oldsmar55

    Having trouble with rollers.

    Thanks for all the tips guys it's been a real help. Went to the track last night and rode the rollers much better. Still got a ways to go but I feel myself improving every ride and that excites the crap out of me lol.
  9. Oldsmar55

    Having trouble with rollers.

    They're hard rollers. I like riding them I just know I can be faster and pick up time through that section. Ill focus on gettin on the throttle, at taking them, and staying forward on the bike and see how it goes.
  10. Just looking for a few tips on a section I've been having trouble with. It's a long straight of rollers comin out of 180 degree turn. Just looking for any tips seeing as I'm having a little trouble
  11. Oldsmar55


    The answer is yes, but like one if the previous posters said kinda. I have an 04 I put it on. It will fit however I had to drill new holes. After you drill new holes in the fender it will fit perfect. I recommend doing the number plate 2 as it makes the front flow with the new fender. This is what mine looks like and then after I put a background and numbers on it
  12. Oldsmar55

    Lets see your bike

    My 04 yz250f
  13. Oldsmar55

    Brocken part in air box help please

    Thanks for the help. Just ordered it off of rmatvmc. Should be here in a couple days and see if it works
  14. Oldsmar55

    Brocken part in air box help please

    It's a 2004 yz250f