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  1. I wanna go next time my bike should be ready tomorrow- doing a track day then hopefully making a district race soon
  2. Thought nick was fixing that shit lolHave fun out there- hoping ill have mine back by sat prob milestone sun before work
  3. Well I get my bike back this weekend then ready to start riding as much as I can! Weird bein back on here but I need to make some more so cal riding friends Def wanna make it back north for a single track trail ride next month. Hoping the snow holds off of el dorado forest for a lil bit
  4. What's going to happen to district races then??
  5. The military thing won't happen for a while ya?
  6. Any body down just for a track day? Im getting my bike back, havnt had it in a few months. I want to hit up milestone or a close track maybe this weekend.
  7. Lol my Ktms a dud- nothing but problems since I got it
  8. I wanna come out! Think im getting my bike back from the shop this weekend! In need of a Moto sesh ASAP
  9. Nor cal riding is the best! Single track trails! Try pipi, forest hill, meet the locals and they can take you on some epic rides - I moved to so cal from north and it blows- only desert and track now
  10. California

    Lol ooo well I should have offered some wine. Kyle cracked me up. I don't think I've ever heard a guy jump out of camp so quick in my life
  11. California

    Lol. That's cause you guys were all in bed . I still can't believe you went riding!! Should have let me and ur wife go for a ride
  12. California

    Ya what happened?? We came looking for you guys, figured you were scared hahah . Yaa.. Idk if I would have made many friends tho lol My response posted to the other one :/ ,, idk if I would have made many friends with that favor
  13. California

    Sweet!! Very exciting! Can't wait to meet everybody It's happening
  14. California

    Hahaha ooo right right.. Well I figured its still all the same ppl going this weekend right?