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  1. dsjohnson

    Caltex REVTEX super 2t

    Hi guys. Just purchased some Caltex revtex super 2t oil real cheap. Figured I could use for sons pee wee and other garden stuff. Was wondering if I could use it in my KTM 2007 exc 250 ? And what mix? I'm not sure what standards the oil I should use in the KTM is supposed to be as I've just been using motul 800. Any help appreciated. Dan
  2. What about spending all night until 2am rebuilding my cr250.. I was so keen on riding with mates the following day. Up at 5am and off to the property I go. 5min into ride, the motor decided to destroy itself. Realized I forgot to mix the oil. Damn was I angry. Every since that day I've always wished they were auto mix Dan
  3. dsjohnson

    Changing gearbox oil

    Thanks heaps for your help.
  4. dsjohnson

    Changing gearbox oil

    Hi guys. Just wondering if this is were I drain the gearbox oil from as the manual shows bolt under sprocket but there isn't any bolt there. 2007 KTM 250 exc
  5. dsjohnson

    Barrel base gasket

    Thanks for the info guys..
  6. dsjohnson

    Barrel base gasket

    Hi guys. I have a KTM 250 exc 2007 model and am about to do a top end rebuild. Just wondering before I start, I read in manual that I need to get the top of the piston as close to top of barrel as possible. X angle? I'm assuming the kit comes with various base gaskets but I'm wondering if you can use say 2 gaskets on top of each other to make the correct height ? Thanks heaps Dan