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  1. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    1991 Ford F150 4.9L to a ...? motor swap

    Okay, awesome. Thanks so much for all the replies. After reading this I will probably just rebuild the sixer and see if there is something I can do to get it to give me a little more pep. Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys, quick question. Just turned 16, and got my truck (1991 F150 single cab, longbed, 4.9L inline 6) down from Alaska to here in Utah, and am wondering what kind of motor will give me decent MPG (around 15) and still have some power. This little inline six is running on about 3 cylinders, and is ready to be put out to pasture. I've been looking at the 5.0 HO mustang motors, or something along those lines? The truck is a 5 speed. Thanks everyone!
  3. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    Anyone wear boots without the booties?

    I didn't where them with my Tech 8's
  4. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    plug read-look okay?

    this look okay? http://i1310.photobucket.com/albums/s657/cubinzkid/00D06988-F7D7-4BC9-884B-31E67AA6BBD7-5757-0000061A834220B1_zps613eb860.jpg
  5. smellof2strokeinthemorning


    yeah, not super concerned, still expecting about 10, and have a job to support it too. Just trying to see if I could get a little more. Sounds like an turbo350/re gearing is the best.
  6. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    YZ250F on trails, need advice?

    I've lived in Alaska for 2 years. I had my aunts TTR125LE, this summer and had no problem riding till 2 in the morning. Just we're a head lamp/camping light that wraps around your helmet. **wear
  7. smellof2strokeinthemorning


    Oh. Totally didn't think about it that way. Thanks for all the insight, definitely reconsidering.
  8. smellof2strokeinthemorning


    yeah, I'm thinking right around 10-12 on a good day.
  9. smellof2strokeinthemorning


    Alrighty, well. Here's the story. I'll be 16 in 6 months, and am planning on buying a project to get running by then. Leaning towards a 70's era camaro. Trying to figure out how to squeeze as much MPG out of as I can. Thinking maybe a turbo? (Or two..)
  10. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    Best trail 2 stroke bike?

    ^^thats not enough bike, I grew out of it. (; to slow.
  11. smellof2strokeinthemorning


    Okay cool, thanks man.
  12. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    lokking at buying a 250f

    I was in your same boat, same size and everything. Picked up an '03 YZ250F, as loved it. But, in the back of my mind was always the worry of the 4-stroke horror stories. Although I loved, the cost/worry wasn't worth it, cause I had no money Incase it blows up. Personally, I would get a 2-stroke. That's just my 2 cents.
  13. smellof2strokeinthemorning


    Wondering if there are interchangeable years for plastics? Or with some drilling. I've got a 1998, the plastics are tired out, but the replacement ones don't look good. Looked through the FAQ too, nothing there. Thanks guys!
  14. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    Best trail 2 stroke bike?

    I'm thinking on going with the 300XC. Took my neighbors out and loves it. Thanks for the input!
  15. smellof2strokeinthemorning

    Best trail 2 stroke bike?

    Okay, sweet. My budget is around $4000. It seems like everyone loves the KDX200/220. How come? I've been on YZ125's, YZ250's, and YZ250F's, but since I mostly ride trail I thought I'd get a bike suited for that.