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  1. bashthefash329

    96 cr250 39mm pwk

  2. Hey all, about two years ago I put a 39mm keihin pwk a/s on my 96 cr250 to replace the pj. Bike went on the backburner for the jeep anyway, recently got into it again and realized how bad the bog off idle is. Sounds like buuuurrrahhhhhhh as the power kicks in then it screams all through the top end. Decided to go through the carb to see what I did back then when I switched carbs. Pwk is from a 97 zuki 250. Heres what I found. Forgot to check the air screw when removing. 172 main 52 pilot #7 slide N1ED needle 2nd position Putting it back together I threw in 175 main 52 pilot R1369ls needle 3rd position. Before I reinstalled I found a cracked reed and then behind that a crack in the piston skirt. Its got a fmf fatty w/turbine core 2 everything else stock. Did the previous jetting factor in the cracks? Will my new set up be a good starting point when I put in a new piston and reeds? Thanks
  3. bashthefash329

    96 cr250 low end bog

    I see idle adjust knob and a small brass looking flat head close to float bowl
  4. bashthefash329

    96 cr250 low end bog

    Where is the air screw on the PJ?
  5. bashthefash329

    96 cr250 low end bog

    Also, no mods that I know of beside fmf fatty and turbine core silencer
  6. Hey everyone I'm new to this site, well at least as a member. I just bought my first bike 3/15-13 96 cr250 that was in need of some love. It bogs at first throttle like from just cruising and when I try to get on it it takes a sec before the power kicks in. On the stand at home I was playing with throttle and noticed..when I twist the throttle real quick it will bog before reving up...it does not do this with choke on
  7. bashthefash329

    Post pics of your CR's

    My first bike