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  1. What a disappointment Score.. best race EVER and you missed it. You need a communications director

  2. Prescott Trail Riders just got going in Sept and has received tremendous interest and support. Here are a couple links : Web site is in the break in period and will be at full throttle soon. For now our Facebook page will bring you up to date.https://www.facebook.com/groups/875345779164824/ http://www.prescotttrailriders.com/ Thanks for your interest . Mark Brown 56mbrown@gmail.com
  3. I am a KTM guy who lives in cold country. After purchasing a 450x I had problems starting on cold mornings. The solution is to kick up the starter jet. I had an extra 39mm KTM carb on the shelf and I took the #85 starter jet out of it and replaced the #78 in the Honda. This girl starts perfect every time.
  4. I hold Ron Paul in high regard but his son behaves like a disrespectful punk. Poor reflection.