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  1. textim01

    ttr 250 graphics

    they are also selling some at yahoo groups ttr250 site.if ur not a member just join to see the posts.
  2. textim01

    Pirelli and DOT tire question.

    I think i read somewhere that maby its the compound of the tire?I'm not sure.i also heard that it is alot of red tape for a tire company to get tires dot approved,and that that is why you don't see more.I just put some mich. baja on,they have aggressive nobbies also.the baja rear is also wider than my stock dunlop 739.I wold also think u need to be more careful on street with the big nobbies,exspecially when wet.
  3. textim01

    carb question

    I jwas just at the yahoo ttr-250 site,and there was a post on how the ttr 250 would do with a bigger carb 34mm?The same guy noticed at yamaha site that the ttr-225 has a 34mm mikuni in it?The ttr-230 has a 26mm,ttr-250 30mm.Why would the smaller bike have the biggest carb?
  4. textim01

    Forks to Stiff???

    i think i read somewhere that u can add or remove air from the front shocks.i haven't even looked at mine to see yet tho.
  5. textim01

    Cut your balls off (levers)

    beezer you no the balls this thread is talking about cutting off,i cut mine off my brake lever.i found a little plastic hollow ball.drilled a hole in it filled it epoxy,put the end off the lever in the ball,(the end i cut the ball off from lol) let the epoxy cure good,then dip that half of lever in plastic coat rubber coating,so to sum it up,i shortened my lever without having it like a dagger.as the part about the other lever ,which i didnt have to shorten,it was just a thought,but i was saying for the othe lever if i put some strips of tape on the lever,before i spray it with plasti coat,which as i said u can get in dip or spray(local hardware)dipping u get a thicker coat faster,but i think spray would do this better.anyway after several coats i remove the tape on the lever and the rubber is slightly raised from where i took the tape off,for better grip.i have run out of things to do to my bike lol,cant u tell lol.
  6. textim01

    Cut your balls off (levers)

    i had to cut my brake lever ball off today.i got a little ball drilled a hole in it big enough for lever where i cut the ball off.i filled the ball with expoxy and put it in the ball,after it cured i dipped the whole thing in plastic-dip,well not the whole thing only up to where i would grab.u can get spray plasic coat too,which i use alot,did frame guards with the spray.i thought about doing my clutch lever,which i didnt have to cut ball off i found a shorty,i was going to try and put tape around clutch lever then give it some coats of plastic coat,then take the tape off,to give it the effect like having the tape spaced out on the lever for grip.the plastic coat itself is like rubber so i dont even really need to do that.i have found alot of uses for plastic coat,i have seen it in red,blue,black,yellow and clear.
  7. textim01

    Anyone Talk Helmet To Helmet?

    yea i got the motorola talkabout 5710 for about $40 then got the headset adapter set i forgot how much $15 i think,$15 apiece maby?anyway it works for me and i can use the radios for my job,if i ever get anymore big boundries,latly all house locations for sale of property,but still need radios sometimes,but there allways in my moto gear bag lol
  8. textim01

    ttr-250 handlebars

    yea i just put longhorn big bars with cr high bend,had renthal cr high with scotts bend.i would have put the big bars on in the first place,as the renthals are still brand new,but someone at scotts said they didnt have any big bar lower bar mounts for 04 ttr250,they had thought they were 1 piece with the triple clamp,which there not they bolt on.so then i had to round out my 7/8 handlebar handguard clamp,a set i got from rocky mountain for big bars didnt work with my fmf handguards.now i need to eather cut my stock brake lever or get a shorty that fits,i allready have a shorty clutch lever.i no there are more parts out there that fit other bikes that would fit the ttr,i ts just not easy to find out.if anyone knows of a shorty brake lever that would fit let me no.im going to the dealer tomorrow with mine to do a comparison,i allready did that in pictures lol.
  9. textim01

    Anyplace to ride in Fairfax/Loudoun in No VA?

    yea i grew up in that area went to summer school at hayfield lol,back then i didnt have a motorcycle but my friends did and they rode at hayfield pits.i am looking for a place to ride close also,i live in dumfries va,i have heard there were some spots on cherryhill rd not far from here,but i also heard there were cops on offroad bikes enforcing?i need to ride down there and check it out.i have only ridden mine twice on trails since i got it.first time i got it took it to gore va trails,i forgot what the name was of the spot.it was also my first time ever riding any motorcyle.i was doing ok untill i strayed off the beat and path on to huge rock terrain doh!i only lost it once but my arms were throbbing lol.i think i would do alot better now,i had no riding tips from my buddie,that i have since found here,plus sterring damper,and stomp grip tape,yet to ride with these on trails.
  10. textim01

    Steering Damper/ stabilizer for TTR-250

    i put a bolt on kit on mine from scotts.
  11. textim01

    TTR230 or TTR250

    ok i found them here we go. Main jets-pn#288-14343-60-00=120 pn#288-14355-61-00=122 pn#288-14343-63-00=125 pn#288-14355-64-00=128 pn#288-14343-65-00=130 pn#288-14355-67-00=134 pn#288-14343-68-00=135 pn#288-14343-70-00=140 pn#288-14343-73-00=146 pn#288-14343-76-00=152 Pilot jets-pn#43f143421800=36 pn#43f143422500=38 pn#43f143422000=40 pn#43f143422300=44? pn#43f143422400=48 pn#43f143422500=50. I put a megamax pipe on mine and i just put the 140 main jet in and lowered the clip 1 notch to raise the needle,it runs good so far havent had a chance to ride hard tho.I still want to find pn# for bigger pilots,04 ttr has 50 in it,and thats all pn# on that list i found.the stock 50 main seems to be working fine with the pipe,i would get bigger ones just to see the differnce.O and for any one who doesn't allready no,thers a yahoo groups ttr site, thats where i found those jet#. alot info there too.
  12. textim01

    TTR230 or TTR250

    ok i got the pipe,skidplate,frameguards,chain,rear sprocket,mich.baja tires,from www.rockymountainatv.com. front fork and disk guard from www.maier-mfg.com. steering stabilizer kit and rear shark fin guard from www.scottsperformance.com./url] breather hose cap from www.purleycustom.com.. case savers were at www.tastynuts.comurl] e=bay has some stuff to,i got my fastway footpegs there for only $40,www.denniskirk.com. do a make model year search there using 03,i didnt see them using 04 but they shud be the same for those years.i also got the sendec tac/hour meter off e-bay$20.i also got an analog speedo froman old yamaha enduro,that i replaced the tac only that came stock,works good too,has light.the bell digital i got from walmart for$12,it keeps top and average speed among other things.i also got a minuki 30mm carb off ebay for like $85,from a place called bikespawn,i didnt need it but i heard jets are easier to find for it,and i will put it on just to see the differnce it makes,i heard the 2000 ttr250 had a minuki on it?o and i do have some main jet part #for the tekei carb,and will soon get some piolt jet#s if any one wants them.dealers around here cant seem to find jets for the tekei to easy less i have part#S allready.
  13. textim01

    hand warmers

    im in virginia too ttr125rider,and i was just looking at some hand warmers too.the ones i looked at are suspect,says for atvs,dirtbike,snowmobills,lol spelled it like it sounded,lol,anyway they looked like they wraped around the whole grip,and the levers i guess,i couldn't tell fom picture,then ur hands went inside,anyone ever seen or used this kind?i saw these hand warmers on ebay somewhere.
  14. textim01

    TTR230 or TTR250

    i have found these parts so far for my ttr 250,scotts steering damper,utah sport skid plate,works connection frame guards,shark fin rear disc guard,mair front fork&disc guard,fastway f3 footpegs,fmf megamax 2,baja designs dual sport kit,909 hand guards,aluminum breather hose cap,brake snake,sendec tac&hour meter,bell bicycle speedometer.i also have some jetting part numbers.they also make some other stuff like kickstart kit,piston kits,like 5 or 6 differnt pipes,some slip on some full systems,o and have seen aluminum or titanium case savers for the 250 also.
  15. textim01

    Bicycle Speedometer Installation

    I put a bell speedo from walmart on mine,and had the same deal with the spokes being to big for magnet,after grinding to fit like u,i had the screw problem like you,so i got the smallest hose clamp i could find to go around the back of magnet.Its on there good and works good,i have an old yamaha induro speed o,i replaced the odometer only on my ttr 250 with it and i get consistant readings from both,the bell bicycle speedo has some cool functions like top speed and average speed among others.I made a spool type piece that i mounted bell speedo to,tapped out the spool and mounted it in a hole left after removing stock headlight and putting on baja kit.i had it on bars but saw that unused bracket and liked that postion better.