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  1. that's on gas as a fluid, water being incompressible does do this to any measurable degree, because of the friction the water absorbes heat and temperature is increased, unless you use a hugh pipe, which due to volume slows the velocity thru said pipe the pressure drop you speak of only occurs when said fluid is released as a large rate, which due to energy conversion of potential into velocity does that ccur, or as refrigerant does it can cool coils to make ac systems
  2. I have used this style for reglazer, putting new crosshatch in bores never had an issue. you must get correct medium,ie diamond, or silicone oxide, etc to best match the cylinder bore material in question. I have used these and keeped an .002 cylinder bore top to bottom http://www.brushresearch.com/flex-hone.php I haven't ever used the harbor freight ones, however I wouldn't use them for a cylinder bore, big chance of finishing with an egg shape bore
  3. yuou could have scored the piston to the cylinder wall. thus its hard to turn over due to friction. or it filled up with fuel in the cylinder and washed all the oil outa the cylinder. but most likely your in for an complete motor rebuild
  4. sillyhillbilly

    question about riding while on blood thinners

    you could take a low hanging limb and cut your fortearm and bleed to death while on blood thinners I would not ride. what no one is telling you that on thinners you can dehydrate at twice the normal rate, leaving you passed out in the woods with no means of support for the sake of your family and you staying healthy I would not ride till the doc clears you. as there are many more complications to using thinners than just bleeding out. she is correct on the kidney. liver, heck you could hit your spleen or gall bladder both have worse issues than just bleeding. going septic in 45 minutes comes to mind.