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  1. dirtbkr188

    pitbike head

    How many teeth on the 125 crankshaft sprocket? and how many teeth on the 110 cam sprocket?
  2. dirtbkr188

    No compression after rebuild

    As long as both cam sprockets are the same number of teeth, the 110 head "should" work on the 125 lower end. Your comment leads me to believe the sprockets do not have the same number of teeth.
  3. dirtbkr188

    intake valve wont tighten!! help!!

    Use a pair of needlenose pliers to remove the tappet adjuster stud, leaving the nut in place. It should thread out of the valve tappet, just make sure you don't drop it down inside the head. With any kind of luck, you've only stripped the nut, and another adjuster stud and nut can be used from the old head.
  4. dirtbkr188

    Rear brakes don’t seem to be working :(

    You might also want to pick up a set of THESE they work better than standard shoes
  5. dirtbkr188

    125cc lifan wont idle

    You might also want to check for air leaks at the carb/manifold and manifold/head areas using contact or brake cleaner.
  6. dirtbkr188

    Pitster Pro 155 HO won't run in neutral

    Is there a neutral indicator light on the bike? Usually a mint green wire with a red tracer.
  7. dirtbkr188

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    Since it sounds like you've exhausted all the avenues from a fuel-related perspective, you may want to try looking at it from an electrical-related angle. You might want to remove the flywheel and inspect the stator for any surface rust or corrosion, along with the magnets inside the flywheel. If you have a spare CDI box, you might want to swap it in and see how that works. Double-check all of your connections and make sure the ground wire is secure to the frame. Unplug the handlebar kill switch and see if that makes a difference, it could be intermittently shorting out while you're riding. Double-check your ignition coil connections and that the spark plug boot isn't loose. If the need be, cut the coil wire back a 1/4" to expose new strands for a better connection to the plug boot.
  8. dirtbkr188

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    Okay, thank you for the info and pics, they confirm my suspicions. That carb is a Mikuni-clone that is made under the auspices of Mikuni in Southeast Asia, but it uses real Mikuni jets. That carb has a fuel screw, that is turned OUT to richen the pilot jet circuit mixture. I've had occasion to tune 3 or 4 of those carbs, and my best settings for optimal performance were a #95 or #100 main jet, a #17.5, #20, and even a #22.5 pilot jet, and having the needle set in the 4th slot, like you have it. Every carb had to be rejetted richer right out off the bat, from the stock #90 main and #15 pilot jet. Altitude here in Jersey is 100' above sea level, and I've found them to be a very finicky carb to dial in 100%. I am curious about your statement above: I'm not following the "to eliminate it" part of it. Running a bike without an air filter will inherently make it run lean, and it is almost impossible to dial it in while doing so. The close-to-stock jetting you're using is making it even leaner, I'd suggest you go up on the jets and retry dialing it in with the air filter on for a more accurate assessment and see if the performance improves. If your altitude is 1000'+ or more, all the more reason to richen up on both jets. I have the Mikuni jet part numbers here if you need them.
  9. dirtbkr188

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    Would you mind posting up the air or fuel screw setting OUT from seated (how many turns), the needle clip slot (from the top), whether or not your air filter is oiled, the main and pilot jet sizes you have in the carb, and lastly, a couple of pics of the carb you're using?
  10. dirtbkr188

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    If the throttle cable is too short, it won't allow the throttle slide to close all the way down in the carb throat, resulting in the high RPMs
  11. dirtbkr188

    NEED HELP!! I’m new to the pit bike life

    Does the head on the SDG bike look like the one shown below?
  12. dirtbkr188

    Jet question

    Try a #78 main and reset the clip on the needle to the 3rd notch, and ride the bike to see if it improves. If so, now you have the 4th and 5th notch to test before going up to a #80 main, if need be.
  13. dirtbkr188

    Jet question

    Did you try lowering the clip on the needle to richen it in the mid to upper range yet? Might be worth a try unless you run out of adjustment and have to go to a bigger main jet size.
  14. dirtbkr188


    TB is tbparts.com and T-Bolt is tboltusa.com
  15. dirtbkr188

    Ssr70c carb upgrade?

    THIS KIT should work for you on the 70, the jet kit for it is right HERE