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  1. dirtbkr188

    Jet question

    Try a #78 main and reset the clip on the needle to the 3rd notch, and ride the bike to see if it improves. If so, now you have the 4th and 5th notch to test before going up to a #80 main, if need be.
  2. dirtbkr188

    Jet question

    Did you try lowering the clip on the needle to richen it in the mid to upper range yet? Might be worth a try unless you run out of adjustment and have to go to a bigger main jet size.
  3. dirtbkr188


    TB is tbparts.com and T-Bolt is tboltusa.com
  4. dirtbkr188

    Ssr70c carb upgrade?

    THIS KIT should work for you on the 70, the jet kit for it is right HERE
  5. dirtbkr188

    HELP Knocking Sound Coming From Engine

    You have to remove the ignition cover in order to align the "T" mark with the notch on the engine case. Use a slightly bigger screwdriver and smack the end of it with a hammer while turning it counterclockwise, unless of course you already have an impact driver set to use.
  6. dirtbkr188

    HELP Knocking Sound Coming From Engine

    .002" - intake .003" - exhaust
  7. dirtbkr188

    HELP Knocking Sound Coming From Engine

    Try checking the oil level first with the bike level and the engine cold
  8. dirtbkr188

    Camshaft help

    For what you'd pay for a decent replacement cam, you might as well buy a complete assembled head like THIS ONE.
  9. dirtbkr188

    Camshaft help

    The head isn't an OEM Honda head, you probably have an E-22 style Chinese head, and yes, it is possible for the cam to be spinning inside the pressed on end. The Quality Control of some Chinese-made parts leaves a lot to be desired sometimes. Click HERE to see which cam you need, and then click HERE to find the replacement you need.
  10. Did you adjust the carb?
  11. dirtbkr188

    Can’t find a gasket for ssr 125

    As stated above, you don't need the gasket for the ignition cover, just pick up the countershaft seal HERE and replace it.
  12. dirtbkr188

    Training wheels

    If the mounting bracket is attached to the axle with a u-bolt, you should be able to loosen them and adjust them to fit the CRF50 footpeg bolts.
  13. dirtbkr188

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    Running a bike without the air filter will have a big impact on jetting, leaning it out like you said above. Fine tuning and jetting a carb has to be done with the air filter in place.
  14. dirtbkr188

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    Nate, I believe you have your numbers transposed, the average setting for these bikes is .003" - intake and .004" - exhaust, not mm. Your setting of .04mm translates to .0016" which is way too tight. .003" =0.08mm .004" - 0.10mm .005" - 0.12mm The stock setting for the Honda Z50 and XR/CRF50 engines from the factory are .002" for both intake and exhaust, but .002" and .003" are perfectly acceptable for those engines.
  15. You'll probably get better results if you post this in the XR/CRF 80/200 Forum