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  1. Fretfulnight

    yz250 wont start

    It ran fine 1 day and i put it away and now it wont start..... any ideas... also... i was washing my bike and was an ediot and put my hose in my airfilter box.. it filled it up.. but i turned gas off and disconnected the carb and alot of water drained out ... im assuming it will be ok...
  2. Fretfulnight

    1989 yz250

    oh ok thanks... And the guy said he wrecked it and changed the plastic.. But i wasn't even thinking hhah.. I will tell you though this 89 will freaken fly.. IT stood right next to a 2005 ktm 200exc...... Ill prob get new plastic and Hand guards.... for 250$.... Oh and also does any1 know how to get rid of rust... thanks
  3. Fretfulnight

    1989 yz250

    He guys got scammed kinda.. Traded ,my 98 blaster for a yz250 he said it was a 98.. But according to the VIN the 10nth digit is K which is a 1989. The thing is is it really that bad? Me and my friend rode. He has a 2005 ktm 200sx and those things fly 80 or so... So I guess i didnt get ripped to bad. That blaster was just to slow... Plastic for modern day dirtbikes is only $120.... Apparently for my 1989 plastic on ebay its 250-300.... This might be dumb to ask.. Is their a way to rig a 1998 plastic to fit a 89 frame..... Not just for the price but for the look... I'd like to have blue plastic, but I would appreciate opinions... Thanks.