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  1. wforic

    KTM SX 50 Carb Help

    You didn't mention the year. The info below is good from 2002-2008. Not sure if this info is accureate past 2008. If your SX is 2002-2008, then it should have the PHBG 19 carb. Air screw should be 3 out from fully seated. Hope this helps: -Eric
  2. wforic

    YZ65 Availability?

    Anybody seen one yet? I called one local dealer today and they had no idea when or if they would get any. I have heard rumors that they may be limited numbers for a while. Press releases all just say April.
  3. wforic

    2018 supercross yz450f

    Well I have to disagree. You are missing something. This thread was titled 2018 SX YZ450F. It was for a discussion about how the 18 YZ450F is doing on the SX tracks. Yet, you still managed to post a picture of an ugly ass offroad KTM with a headlight. Apparently, you are proud of your pumkin. Congratulations, I'm happy for you. What makes you think we want to see a picture of your enduro euro trash with a headlight in this thread? Yamaha forum, YZ450 section, and 2018 YZ450F SX thread... Yet you "aint missing anything".
  4. There are some that say running a larger front and rear sprocket combo can reduce chain torque and free up the rear suspension. I have never actually tested this but I have read it few different times over the years. You would need a longer chain and to make sure you have clearance for the case saver and rear chain guide.
  5. What bike are we talking about here? Most modern 4 strokes have titanium valves. I'm assuming you are looking at Kibblewhite stainless valves replacements. If that is the case, the manufacturer recommendeds that you use springs that are rated for those specific valves. Think about it, steel is going to be heavier than titanium. You could possibly float a valve if you are using a lighter spring with a heavier valve. Also, if you have enough hours on your head to need a valve replacement, the springs are more than likely worn out and need replacing also. I personally ruined a complete motor by floating a valve. I put in stainless valves and did not replace the springs. So, in this case, I know from experience it can happen. If your seats and guides are OK, then at least buy new springs, seals, and retainers if you put new steel valves in. Hope this helps. If you post up your issues and questions under the correct Make / Model Specific forum on this site, you will get more help. -Eric
  6. I wore a SE Air TLD helmet in large for a couple years. It fit like a glove. I bought a new SE4 Polyacrylite in large and it fits terrible. It pinches my forehead very bad. The liner doesn't feel nearly as soft either. It has very thin padding on top of the hard MIPS system. It's just plain uncomfortable to me. I thought maybe it would break and get a little better. But, I have about 6 hours in it now and it still feels bad. I will say this is my first MIPS helmet. I'm just wondering if the MIPS helmets fit different in general... If you look on the other big MX forum, there is a thread about the same fitment issues I have. I would highly recommend you try one on before buying it. Of course, this is just my opinion and everyone has a different shaped head.
  7. wforic

    Anyone get their '18 YZ450 yet?

    Monk Have you ridden the 18 YZ450F?
  8. wforic

    Help with 2001 cr250 rear shock

    It was literally as easy as bolting it up. Not issues with length, lugs, axles or anything else. Can't remember which spacers I used (450CRF or 250CR). I ride MX only and the fork and shock had a been revalved multiple times when it was on the CRF. The '08 450 suspension harsh in stock form. So, if you go that route, you would need them revalved. Even more so if you plan to do some woods riding. Keep in mind that the 4 stroke stuff was valved and sprung from the factory for the extra weight and handling characteristics of a 4 stroke (think front end dive from compression braking and so on..). You will likely find that anytime you move suspension from a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke it will be over valved on compression and rebound. Of course, this all changes year to year and there are a million varibles. So yes, it's physically possible. But you may just end up chasing different issues. I would say an easier approach may be to get your exsting susupenion setup properly. A local tuner can help. If you are a do it yourself kind of guy with some time on your hands, I would recommed you spend some time over in the ThumperTalk suspenion forum. Also, go to the TT Honda CRF450R/RX forum and look for the Doggers sticky near the top titled DIY 04 450 Suspension ReValve. Do some reading and you will see what you are getting yourself into. My advise would be: 1) Figure out what spring rates you need for your weight. 2) Service your exisitng fork and shock with new seals, bushings and oil. 3) Set your Race sag and fork height. 4) Ride all the terrain you want your bike setup for. 5) Play with all clickers on both ends and keep notes as to where you end up and what you would like changed. Many people are happy with stock suspension when it's freshly rebuilt and sprung properly for their weight. Hope this helps some. -Eric
  9. wforic

    Help with 2001 cr250 rear shock

    I bolted on forks and shock from a 2008 CRF450 with zero issues. You say the shock is soft... When does it seem soft? Check to make sure you have the correct nitrogen pressure (not 100% sure on the spec is- maybe somewhere around 145-165 psi). Are there any signs of oil leaking from the shock? Last, it could just be a spring rate issue for your weight. Let us know. -oh yeah, forgot to say those 01s have great motors!
  10. wforic

    What coolant should I buy?

    Try Engine Ice or Evans brands. Both are good products.
  11. Is this a 450 R or X? I had a '08 R and got it dialed pretty good. I can post them up if you need R stacks.
  12. wforic

    Anutha rekluse post

    Who doesn't like a Rekluse? I don't care what anyone says. I'm faster everywhere with it. I'm old and busted up. I need all the help I can get! I had the original version EXP ring on my CRF450. It worked flawless and I loved the product. I put the CORE EXP 3.0 on my YZ450 a couple weeks ago. It works even better than the EXP. It looks like the RadiusX is the EXP ring with the thinner TorqDrive plates.... I was wondering why they had discontinued the EXP only a while back. Let us know how it works out.
  13. wforic

    Aiken/Augusta Dual Sport or trails

    Sorry, I gues it's the old page but the new owners are updating it.
  14. wforic

    Aiken/Augusta Dual Sport or trails

    I believe this is the new FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Aonia-Pass-Motocross-336994322988612/ I think it's the same folks that owned Compound MX over in Edgefield/ McCormick area.
  15. wforic

    Aiken/Augusta Dual Sport or trails

    You have Parsons Mountain between McCormick and Abbeville, SC. Then, you have Cedar Springs/ MidWay area between McCormick and Greenwood. I haven't ridden over there in years. Here's a website to check out: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/scnfs/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=47169&actid=93 There's also Moto-Vated over in Gaston, SC. They have some trails over there. Check out the website here: http://www.moto-vatedsportscomplex.com/ Aonia Pass MX is about to re-open near Thompson, GA. They are under new ownership. They have great trails on the property but I'm not sure if the trails will be open right away. First ride day is this Saturday and Sunday from 10AM- 4PM. If you have questions, shoot me a PM. I'm from the McCormick area and know it pretty good. Miles and miles of game management roads around there (Sumter National Forest). I'm not sure how the local DNR guys would deal with riding on them. -Eric