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  1. Alright thanks for the help guys. I might just get the steel frame for now
  2. I also heard the rear shock may not mount up say if I get like an 02-04 steel frame? Do you know if everything will fit right over??
  3. Ehh probly but it's really scratched up and stuff . Will the yzf250 frame work? I've done some research but it seems that it won't . Also just wondering if rear shock front shocks and everything will fit the 125 or 250f I'm not too worried about engine mounts if they are a slight change..
  4. I have an 05 yz250 but the frame is messed up it fell off of a trailer on the freeway. Can't find another aluminum 250 frame for under 1000 bucks anywhere. Jw if the 250 parts will fit on a 05 125 or what the best frame to get is.? ! Please help