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  1. Quick question guys. I have a line on a 2004 351exc big bore with 121 hours/2000 miles. I'm looking to buy my first dirt bike--I ride a klr 650, but want something for primarily singletrack riding colorado and utah. I'm 6'9", 225 lbs. If the bike appears to be in good shape, would it be a decent investment, or should I avoid a modified rig for my first foray? Thanks for any input.
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    beginner could use some advice

    Something like this mcawesome? How I felt trying out a buddy's dirt jumper. .
  3. I could use some advice. I'm a complete beginner on dirt, but am looking to get in on the fun. I currently have a klr 650, have ridden it for 1 season, mainly on highway and some fire road use, so I'm really a total novice rider. I live on the front range, and spend a lot of time mountain biking the front range, western colorado (fruita/gj areas) and moab. I'm basically looking for a bike I can ride singletrack and trail on. I have no interest in racing or track riding. After the last trip to moab and camping right off of the sovereign trail and sharing it with several dirt bikes as we were pedaling, I caught the bug and want to venture into the motorized singletrack world--everyone we saw and met looked like they were having a blast. About me: I'm 34 years old, 6'9" tall, 225 lbs and just out of shape enough I feel like my lungs and heart will explode during every mtn bike climb, but in shape enough to keep doing it anyway. I've tried doing a bunch of research, but every time I think I have my head wrapped around a decent rig to look for, I read something else and feel like I go back to square one. I've read a 2 stroke 250 would be a perfect trail rig, then I read that a 350 ktm exc would be the ideal bike to get. Then I read again that an older gasgas is the one I want, etc, etc. All I've truly learned is that I want to stay away from a true track bike. I want something I can go have fun on, isn't too much of a pig to work around tight techy single track, and that I can ride at elevation around home too. I'm not a speed freak, so as long as it can get me where I'm looking to go, I'm good. I'm more concerned with something that doesn't mind being lugged around down low and is nimble enough on the tight singletrack sections. In all actuality, I don't know what I'm looking for, or what I should be looking for, which I guess is why I'm asking you guys for help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I'm sorry if this is beating a dead horse topic on the forum. Thanks for the time. recap: beginner, 6'9", 225 lbs, looking for trail bike (with a single track emphasis) to play on front range, western colorado, and moab area.