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  1. so just measure the level with the oil level tool? Im guessing its the same as the 1999 then?
  2. thanks. and the 2005 is not the twin chambered style forks. It is exactly the same as the 1999. so im guessing i measure the level on the 05 too? or the volume?
  3. anyone know the correct method of measuring the fork oil?
  4. So over the weekend, my friend and I have been replacing his fork seals on a 1999 and 2005 yz125. Did everything correctly but did not know how much fork oil to put in. We bought 10W fork oil from a local Cycle Gear. I did research online and found that the 1999 took 573 cc of fork oil. We had a measuring cup and measured it out to 573cc and put the oil in. Pumped it to get all the air out and reassembled the fork. I did more research afterwards and I saw that we may need a fork oil leveling tool to measure the level of the oil. Is that step necessary? We just dumped the 573cc of oil and got rid of the air in it and just called it a day. Do I need to make sure the oil is at the correct level? An can someone confirm that 573cc is the correct fork oil capacity? (Do not have an owners manual)
  5. mkim12

    bike with a lien paid off?

    that's the problem, he has the registration under his name but there is no indication that the lien has been released. He says he will be getting the lien release letter in about 5 days and the title in about 10-14 days but really cannot provide hard evidence that it is paid off unless I contact the lien holder myself and verify.
  6. mkim12

    bike with a lien paid off?

    Emailed him to see if I can go ahead and contact the lien holder. However isn't 1500$ is little too much of a lowball for an 08? even with the hassle?
  7. mkim12

    bike with a lien paid off?

    Ive been trying to decide on these two bikes for the past week, now Ive got 2 days to make a final decision. (now leaning towards the stock 250). I also did not know about the lien on that bike until 2 days ago. (and did not really understand the concept of it).
  8. mkim12

    bike with a lien paid off?

    How do you know?
  9. mkim12

    bike with a lien paid off?

    okay I guess I will wait or fall on to another deal. The reason why I really want to speed up this process is because I really want to go out riding this weekend (was last minute decision to go out) and I had sold my bike months ago. But this is not the only deal I have found but is the cheaper deal of the 2. Its an 2008 yz250f w/ some aftermarket parts for 2000$ and the other deal is stock 2008 yz250f for 2200$
  10. mkim12

    bike with a lien paid off?

    update: he says the registration is in HIS name (so i guess it proves that it is not stolen) and he has a copy of some paper work that has been faxed to his bank to begin the lein release process. Suggestions?
  11. Alright so I am looking to buy this yz250f from this guy but it has a lien on it. He bought the bike new in 07 and claims to have paid the bike off within the first year but has never gotten the lien release letter or the title yet. He said he will have the lien release letter in about 5 days and the title in 10-14 days. Do you guys think it will be okay to buy from him? I asked to provide proof when I get there to see the bike. What should I do in this situation?
  12. Sold my yz125 and looking to get a 250 four stroke. Im kind of leaning towards the yamaha cause thats all I have ridden. Never ridden a honda. Which bike would be better? I usually ride in the desert seasonally and sometimes at the track when I get the chance. Both are the same prices (2200$). What do you guys think?