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  1. I'm looking to purchase a 2013 TE511 and I want to add in the financing whatever I need to get it to run well. WHAT DO I NEED? S
  2. new605guy

    New '11 WR450 or '12WR450

    I have the opportunity to get a new 2011 WR450 (no FI) or a new 2012 WR450. Cost difference is about a grand. First, Is the '12 WR450 better than the '11? If so, is it a thousand dollars better? Scott
  3. new605guy

    Plastic for ATK 605

    Is anyone aware what side covers and fenders the '99 - '02 ATK 605 uses. Older KTM parts I was told by someone but I'd like to be able to look it up and find the plastic online.