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  1. Freelheeler

    BAJA on a KLX?

    jimmyh, it sounds like we need to chat! looks like you have a great setup. I'm definifitely interested in the 4.1 tank, i will send you a pm, thanks
  2. Freelheeler

    BAJA on a KLX?

    I've been riding an 08 klx450 for 4 seasons, I've completed a lot of the standard mods for trail riding and its just been a blast to ride. I have it licensed in montana but it's set up and used mostly for tight mountain trail riding and some forest service road. I don't get out as much as I'd like and it only has about 1600 miles currently Some buddy's and I are planning a ride to the tip of baja next winter, the goal being to find as much single track as we can but i'm sure there will be more than a few miles of slab. 3 of the guys are setting up xr650r's and another is on a dr650. I'm on the fence as to whether I should reconfigure my KLX for the trip and put on 2500 miles or buy a KTM 530 specifically for the trip. I'm looking for some insight from those who've built up there bikes for single track/enduro type riding. What's worked and what mods should be done. What sort of range do you get with the 4.1 tank? How does it affect the handling of the bike? Gearing? Hinson clutch cover? how much more oil capacity Oil coolers and fan kits? what are you using and how does it 'cruise' at 65mph? Oil change interval? Comfort and ergonomics, how does it make you feel after 100+ mile day? luggage, how does the bike handling the weight? is the sub frame holding up? Headlight upgrade? Additional MOD thougts for the trip??? KX head aftermarket exhaust and header
  3. Freelheeler

    06-08 kx 450 exhaust system fs?

    Just got ahold of a 08 klx and i'm looking for a stock or aftermarket header and maybe silencer for an 06-08 kx450... jarlarch@yahoo.com 406-223-7075 (text please)