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  1. SurfaceToAir

    Folding/tuckable mirrors?

    re. Double take mirrors- if you have the two part arm, you can orient them in a bunch of ways. I wrestled with two other mirrors before getting these, and am really happy with them for bike mirrors. The two part arms can be positioned in good places- pivoting in many directions, and positioned low to high. You have to compromise dorky mirror with good visibility. Its just the way it is. I had stealthy hidden mirrors but it was tough to see them- looking down, etc. These dont vibrate either.. I am toying with the idea of putting a beveled mirror over the flat mirror so I see even more- but these let you see a good amount.
  2. SurfaceToAir

    Ttr 50 kick start kit on ebay

    No affiliation. I bought one, one left.
  3. SurfaceToAir

    Ttr 50 kick start kit in ebay

    Just saw it. Might not b there long. No affiliation.
  4. SurfaceToAir

    Drc wire prob- turn signals

    I don't really remember exactly, but I think it might have been the blinker/ relay that was the issue. I had to replace it at one point to get everything to work. I am about to wire another bike up, and I won't be using the DRC kit. I had too many problems and had to modify it so much, I'll just build one from scratch. good luck- Dustin
  5. SurfaceToAir

    WR450 All White Plastics

    I also painted mine white. Took it apart. cleaned and prepped it. Then put a few coats of white paint on it. Came out well and, after a few years, has one or two small scratches on it where you see blue. But nothing bad or that could not get easily cleaned up.
  6. I made a rack for the fender that I strap msr tanks to. But also have soft saddle bags that I also put cans in. The saddle bags are great and I use them more than the rack.
  7. SurfaceToAir

    Yz seat on 2008 wr

    Here is a pic of the repair. I just used the canned spray foam insulation stuff..sprayed it on, smoothed it out.
  8. SurfaceToAir

    Yz seat on 2008 wr

    I recently put yz seat foam on my 08 WR. Here's some pics of what to expect. The yz seat is narrower up top, which makes it thinner on the sides. I prefer it over the wr seat. The yz tray does not fit and you'll need to trim the yz foam to fit the wr tray. I used a hack saw with metal blade for that. Works a lot better than the electric knife for me. The tray with the foam is the yz one. Also, the seat I bought off ebay had a rip in the foam, so I repaired it with some home spray insulation. The pics with the seat cover show the differences between the wr and yz. The cover is for wr, and you can see the black to red lines don't match the contours of the seat. Also, my bike has an msr tank on it, which is bigger than stock (duh) but you can really see the narrowed yz seat difference where it meets the tank, now. Stock tank is more narrow....
  9. SurfaceToAir

    License plate bracket for 2007 WR450F?

    I have mine mounted in a similar way. Bolted and glued to the underside of the light. Mine is not flat though where the plate seats, but has a bend in the middle since its all one piece of steel I cut and bent to attach to the light, which is bent on the bottom. Didnt take long to make, and I already had the metal... Issue though is that I've bent the < bad words > out of the plate when I crash. I am going to remount the plate to the backside of the air box. I see people do it and figure I'd try it out until the MAN makes me change it.. If that happens, I'll go back to this mount, but flip the plate 90 degrees so it doesnt catch on the sides.
  10. SurfaceToAir

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    I dont like riding near them because they are not taking the same sot of lines and so are unpredictable to me when riding with me. Kind of like skiiers and snowbarders. Just sitting on the trail around them, I never feel safe when they are around since they love to drift, and come in hot with a skidding 400 pound u turning brick right at me when sitting there with my buds. They are mini cars- in a little cock pit and I am on my bike. It may sound &%$#@!- put I like my *space* around me like people do on the street with bikes and cars. I guess I dont see many good riders on quads. I see beginners who " go fast", and so are dangerous to IMO.
  11. SurfaceToAir

    06 WR450F lowering question

    I just had mine professionally lowered one inch with spacers. I really like it. I've previously cut the seat down a bunch, and lowered the forks a bit in the triple clamps, race sag set properly, etc. And it was still just enough too tall for my liking with a 30" inseam.. After the mods I did put the forks up in stock position in the triple clamps- might lower them a half inch... But I am really happy with the change. I had it all redone- overhaul front and rear, revalved the front, springs, etc. Not cheap-over 8 bills. $$$ but its very nice. If youre looking for a shop in San Francisco, hit up Superplush suspension. Great shop. https://superplushsuspension.com/ cheers- Dustin
  12. SurfaceToAir

    Knobby tires on the road.... Wibble wobble!

    I just put scorpions on my plated wrf450 and now have a similar issue on the freeway. Not super bad but it does shake a little up front. I've only ridden it once on the freeway - seemed like the knobbies were tracking in the grooved surface. Spooky. I've a bunch of dyna beads. Might put some in the front to see if it improves anything. Mu dunlops didn't have this issue. Guess the scorpions are gripping a lot better and not rounded down yet. Cheers- Dustin
  13. SurfaceToAir

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Bike looks good! For blinkers- I am running tear drop style LED blinkers in the rear, tucked up near the seat, and into where the side panels have the cut out. Keeps them safe and they look like they are stock. I am not doing SM on my bike- lots of dirt still, and my license plate is in the same place yours is- and its bent to crap from dumping the bike. cheers- Dustin
  14. SurfaceToAir

    Will 120/100/18 tire fit on 2008 wrf 450?

    thanks guys!
  15. I assume this info exists somewhere, but I cant find a conversion chart that compares the two sizes in a way that is obvious to me. I am looking to get a 120/100/18 tire for my 2008 450 ( the fancy new Motoz Mountain Hybrid ), and its a little bigger than the stock 110/80/18. Will this tire fit on the 2008 wrf 450 without rubbing the chain, etc? thanks! Dustin