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  1. pritchar008

    Motocity Anthem in Arizona are Crooks

    I agree with all of you. I wadd acting like an idiot. Its over.
  2. pritchar008

    Motocity Anthem in Arizona are Crooks

    Moderator, PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD! These guys were great and i was acting like a baby. They are straight up, no pressure sales. Excellent prices and fair.
  3. pritchar008

    Motocity Anthem in Arizona are Crooks

    I was a little harsh because I feel I was wronged. I am in the process of fixing my bike and they agreed to honor the deal, which was a classy decision. So i apologize to motocity anthem. I am not a business man and I totally disagree with the guy who would buy something for $10 and sell it for $1000. Just because its legal doesn't mean its ethical. If you put work into something then make a living off of your work and talents (or marketing, convenience, etc). But don't be a parasite on society because you take advantage of someone's hardship Like those scumbag realtors or people who buy up all the water before a hurricane and sell it for 10x.
  4. Stay far away. lies upon lies. 1. Was offered OTD price and Bob Barnfield told me that he made a mistake and offered it too low. 2. Trade in price offered via email $3000-$3500. Real offer was $1800 for a nice 2014 crf450r. 3. John said that to fix my bike it would take 1 grand. I fixed all problems noted by them for less than $200 to fix: grips, chain guide, bent radiators, radiator covers, seat cover fingernail size cut, fork seals. 4. With a perfect bike fixing all these things and new plastic, they still probably will not give me the $3500 - waiting on their reply to honor their word. 5. They have 2 bikes like mine that they valued at $3000 then they are selling for mid 5 grand. Which is fine, but they told me they make only about $300 for tradeins.