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  1. Im getting an 08 yz250f and i just wanna know if it'll work out, i love the look of the 2011 plastics.
  2. mcawesome1231

    motocross memes

    i made this one myself
  3. mcawesome1231

    Can a jersey shrink?

    y dont i just start drinkin in general
  4. mcawesome1231

    Metal shavings?

    never mind it was aluminum
  5. mcawesome1231

    Metal shavings?

    nah dude it was SOAKED in oil
  6. mcawesome1231

    Metal shavings?

    Ok so we took that thingy off and and inside it there is a compartment that holds a little rectangular screen, i think its an oil screen under the flywheel and there were a couple of little pieces of a rubbery type substance and a couple of pieces of decent sized metal, i just wanna no if its bad, and if it is bad how bad. Keep in mind the guy i bought it from had just recently had the motor rebuilt himself. this is the thingy i was talking about, the cover thingy
  7. mcawesome1231

    Is this bad?

    I started up my bike (a 2009 kx250f) and after 3-4 min of idling it got like that. Its really scaring me and i dont want my bike to blow up so is this something i should get checked?
  8. mcawesome1231

    Dirtbike nicknames

    The Godfather, First place goes to.....
  9. mcawesome1231

    Moto Helmet under $200

    what the hell is gucci, and thank you
  10. mcawesome1231

    Is motocross easy?

    I have friends at school that keep raggin on me sayin that all you have to do for motocross is sit on the bike and twist the throttle, please knock some sense into they stupid asses
  11. All my friends, they say motocross is easy, little dicks
  12. mcawesome1231

    Moto Helmet under $200

    Leave it to this, whats cheaper, the hospital bill for a cracked skull or a $300 ur choice, remember what they say, $10 = $10 head
  13. mcawesome1231

    What was your most embarrassing crash?

    When i used to race my cobra 50 i whiskey throttled before a burm and completely jumped over the burm and kept going till i hit a tree, thinking back on it, it was HILARIOUS!