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  1. keck250

    Where to buy 04 CR250 OEM Piston?

    So if I can't find an OEM piston what size Pro-x piston would I use with a brand new Cylinder A? 66.34, 66.35, 66.36?
  2. Did Honda they stop making pistons for the 04 CR250? All the websites say the part is unavailable. Also wanted to get a new cylinder. Does piston "A" go with cylinder "A"? Or is it piston B with cylinder A. I'm confused on that. Thanks
  3. Has anyone put a tall seat on a 2014 yet? Was wondering how good the fitment is with the gas tank/cover and all. I can only find two companies that make them; Guts and Facory Effex. Any insight would be awesome. Thnx
  4. keck250

    Post pics of your CR's

    My 04 I just finished rebuilding!
  5. keck250

    Mystery part

    The pin goes under the power valve cover. Its stops the power valves from moving only so much. The collar goes in the cylinder where the flap valves are. The Flap valve shaft slides into the collar. You have to tap the collar into the cylinder with the TAPERED SIDE DOWN. I used a T-handle and taped it in softly with a hammer. It will only go in so far so dont force it. You can check my previous post for more pics and comments.
  6. Yeah I had to send it back. The power were sticking on the exhaust bridge. When they welded the bridge they didnt leave enough space for the valves. They said I could go in there with a dremel and grind some of it away but I dont want to mess anything up.
  7. Yeah Im pretty frustrated. I'll call them tomorrow. I should of just bought a new cylinder instead of having this one fixed. Its about the same price. Ha!
  8. So I got it all back together but now its binding when i try to open the valves with my hand. Its sticks right before its fully open. Do you think I tapped in the sleeve too far? Wish I had something to reference it to.
  9. So I got the sleeve in all the way but now the Power valve rod wont go all the way into the sleeve. I dont get it!
  10. I saw your photo how the sleeve was in backwards. Mines in the right way just cant get that last part in. I dont want to whale on it too hard either. Millennium should of just put it back in for us. But as far as the cylinder goes it looks brand new again!
  11. Ok thanks man I'll check it out.
  12. Yeah the tapered side is in the cylinder with the flat side out. Its in the right way.
  13. Im using WD40. This is how close I am. The damn thang just does not want to go in all the way!
  14. I need it to go in about 1mm more so the holder plate will align. I cant get it to go in any more and dont want to use too much force.
  15. Ok got it! Thanks again