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  1. monsterbait

    Xr250l throttle cables?

    So I put bark busters on my 250l and the cables aren't quite stretchy enough to clear them smoothly, they were getting a bit stiff anyway and I've got a 650l I wanted to put longer cables on anyway so if I get motion pro cables for the 650l would I then be able to use the 650 cables on the 250? They look compatible and I haven't measured but I imagine they'd be a bit longer.
  2. monsterbait

    Is Lifan any good?

    I took a shitty lifan 110 pit bike on a trade for a shittier yz80. the lifan was easy enough to get to work, it was mostly messed up from the kid i got it from. Mine was messed up from the kid, basically, if the part has a name, it was messed up in some way, but most of it was fixable with electrical tape and finnicking. I've heard the big problem with the chinese bikes is the chains are weak, so they snap, when the chain snaps it crashes into the engine case, and breaks off the ignition coil pickup. thats what had happened to mine. Once i got it working, it works fine. Towards the end of the year last year it seemed every time i wanted to ride i had to clean the main jet on the carburetor, but its doable. I'm not sure where your looking but on craigslist where i am, a chinese pit bike used will go for 3-500 depending on condition, 500 being mint, whereas a crf50 or klx will go for 500 running to about 900. It may be worth it to just go brand name in this case if you dont want to be constantly messing with it.
  3. monsterbait

    what should I pay for a stock 94 xr650l?

    I bought mine in pretty much excellent shape, stock except for an exhaust and jetted. also a 94 with about 6k miles for 1900. I thought it was a good deal, and I haven't seen an xrl go for less since.
  4. So I got tired of getting 70 miles to a tank and got a used oversized fuel tank. Of course this means the air ducts don't bolt up to it. Knowing the xr650l's will run hot anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with overheating? I was suggested by the buyer to do the "Dave's mod", The bike had an exhaust and was jetted before I got it but being the idiot I am, I didn't really note the specifics. So the questions are: Could I have cooling issues with the not as good as stock air flow around the engine? and is there a way to tell if the "Daves mod" has been done?
  5. monsterbait

    05 TTR-250 cuts out on throttle

    well ill be damned, just drove it 50 ft up the street in the rain to see, and it seems to be working great now. Barra8 i owe you a 6 pack.
  6. monsterbait

    05 TTR-250 cuts out on throttle

    i tried my best to clean the AP. it doesnt seem to be squirting. with the float bowl off i get fuel up from pressing the diaphram so it seems like in the carburetor body, there is this brass piece that i can only imagine is the part that turns the flow to a spray, however in the first picture you see where it comes out, looks just like a solid piece. there doesnt seem to be a hole in it? in the second picture you can see where it screws in. its frozen in there. broke a tiny screwdriver trying to get it out. can anyone confirm that this is in fact an important part to the accelerator pump? and how the hell to get it out when its frozen and im trying not to round off the screw part. sorry for gigantic pictures.
  7. monsterbait

    05 TTR-250 cuts out on throttle

    put in AP today, didnt check it with the carb off to see if squirting, but its still doing the same thing. at about 1/8 throttle until WOT, but working on both ends. there are NO mods, stock intake and exhaust. i dont think the carb has ever been modified, and apparently ran well before it sat. i guess if swapping jets is all thats left, thats where im going to go. bogging in the mid range would suggest changing the pilot jet, rather than the main?
  8. monsterbait

    Coolster 125cc

    as far as ive heard, the 50's and 70's are usually based of the hondas, and the 110's take after the klx. i bet a honda shock would work fine.
  9. i havnt had this problem with a pit bike, but if its not starting when hot, would most likely be the coil or the stator. if youve already swapped the coil, then i would say the stator is to blame. assuming it is the spark your losing when hot.
  10. monsterbait

    05 TTR-250 cuts out on throttle

    i've tried moving the jet needle position to both richer and leaner, and going either way seems to have either no percivable effect, or make it worse. AP should be in tomorrow or the day after, will update.
  11. monsterbait

    05 TTR-250 cuts out on throttle

    runs worse with choke, will do that with accelerator pump.
  12. monsterbait

    05 TTR-250 cuts out on throttle

    ok update, now its got new idle, and main jets, it idles perfect, works up to about 1/4, or 1/3 throttle, then feels like its not getting fuel. however if you give it wide open throttle it works great. so what could cause a bike to run poorly only in the midrange?
  13. monsterbait

    50 vs 110 questions..

    ive got a buddy with a crf 50, 3 speed semi-auto. he weighs about 120-130 and the bike will not pull him up a mild hill. get the 110
  14. monsterbait

    05 TTR-250 cuts out on throttle

    thing sat for at least a year. replaced the float valve, gasket, cleaned the hell out of it. idles great but cuts out at anything more than like 1/8 throttle, over say 2000 rpms? ive cleaned the jets, ive cleaned them a dozen times. jet needle too. i get flow through the jet, why wont it just work? what else could it possibly be?
  15. monsterbait

    Help finding a replacement rim

    Hi, new here and i cant find a new rim for this bike anywhere. its a lifan 110. the rear rim is missing more than half the spokes and isnt in great shape to begin with, but i cant match it up anywhere. it uses a cush drive and 3 bolts for the rotor. anyone have any ideas?