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  1. hey I've got a 1982 Honda xr250r and right now the current boots are falling apart. So just wondering what boots would be best (they don't make the OEM any more so need aftermarket). also been looking at the daystar fork boots didnt know which was best thx
  2. Alright then... Does the black and red wires on reg/rec go to the positive and negative ends of the battery
  3. It's the bottom pic
  4. Does the reg/rec come directly after the stator then it goes to the battery and to the rest of the wiring This is what my wiring looks like right now
  5. Sounds good. I was looking at that rec/reg you showed me and I was wondering what are the two yellow wires
  6. So another question regarding the battery. How would I run a whole bundle of wires from that tiny wire on the battery do I use some kind of connector or what?
  7. O I didn't see your other post thanks so much Ricky Stator your always a step ahead thx
  8. Also would you know a good battery to go with it. Preferably small so i can fit it in somewhere (hardly any space)
  9. Sweet! Just what I was looking for. I'll order it and see what it does. Do you know by chance if it comes with some sort of wiring diagram
  10. Alright thanks is there any certain regulator/rectifier that you can point me twords that would work for my bike you have been very helpful thanks
  11. Or I can like you said call them, but I'm most likely to get a response such as we can order that in but it's going to take a few weeks... Hughhh
  12. So is it possible to run horn and blinkers off a AC current if I can then I will keep the stock stator and put in the stuff, but I have a feeling that most kits run off DC current therefore I would put in a rectifier
  13. Well I've been looking at Ricky Stator and the stators they have isn't what I'm looking for. But if someone could confirm to me that I could use a later modle stator such as a 84 then I would make the upgrade. But as of right now it seems I'm stuck with the stock stator
  14. Hey guys I was courious to see your guises opinion, but I have a 1982 Honda xr250 (ya it's old) and I'd like to modernize it to the best of my abilities. I would like to add some sort of kit that's out there to where I could run the stock head light off the regular AC power that is already supplied by the stator and possibly run the tail light off the same thing (it did have a taillight at one point, because there are 2 wires under the seat that did go to one). I would then like to run a DC current from a kit using a rectifiyer and a battery to run blinkers horn etc etc. So I want some opinions and maybe someone set up a link for me for a good kit or something. Much appreciated thx
  15. I have 1982 honda xr250r and I'm looking just to put a key paired with the kill switch to have some kind of safety mechanism to prevent theft any help very much appreciated