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    CR125, white smoke and oil from exhaust?!

    Alrightie. Now that you say it oculd be a coolant thing ~ I've had some pretty nasty stacks and bent both radiators :/ they don't leak or anything. I just haven't gotten around to getting new ones yet... could that have something to do with it? As for the smoke its not thick, but its still more than should come out of the bike. It doesn't smell weird/abnormal or anything, theres just a bit more than one would really expect. Ok so here are some pics of the oil leaks at both ends of the exhaust after a good few days riding (very dirty but you get the picture!!!) Side on at the top of the expansion chamber Front on End of exhaust
  2. I'm really touchy with my bikes - everythings gotta be in as good order as possible. Anyway i bought an '01 CR125 for a bit of fun, did it up nicely and pretty much rebuilt the whole thing ~ about 70% of the bike is brand spanking new BUT it's still blowing white smoke, especially when you kick it over (not so much when riding), and a bit of oil runs out the exhaust and a bit at the head of the (new) expansion chamber after riding. I'm a bit mechanically retarded with 2-strokes as I've always been a 4-stroke person but still do most of my own servicing and fixes. but I've done everything i can think of myself : changing oil ratios (pretty much everything from 35:1 - 50:1) and now run at about 40:1 (runs nice and crisply). I've also tried taking it apart and cleaning pretty much everything from the carby to the exhaust. It doesn't run badly or anything, i just dunno if its supposed to happen at the rate it does... So yeah I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions what it could be or what i could do???