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  1. 4 andrea_s-

    Tips, advice. New to riding.

    Update. Got a lot of seat time yesterday and today. Gotten a lot more used to it. Hit some trails and havent once laid it over. Not jinxing here. But so far I've gotten a lot better at it. Especially within these few days. Thanks for all the help and tips.
  2. 4 andrea_s-

    Tips, advice. New to riding.

    I can understand that. Just hate that I'm going to burn through plugs so badly. Haha. No worries. I'll get there. Going to spend the day Sunday riding. Hopefully I'll get a little better with some decent seat time.
  3. I'm new two riding. I've been on various bike. Couple dirt bikes, sportsters and rockets. however. I wanted a dirt bike. So a friend made me a good deal on a 03 yz125. Just looking for some tips or advice in riding it. Right now I'm honestly scared of it. Haha.