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  1. Well Hockeyrick everyone is due their opinion even if it is less than tactful.
  2. Tim Walters

    Tach and redline

    Oh and make sure you get the tach wire that includes a resistor or the tach will not work correctly.
  3. Just got my bike out of storage so I have attached a picture that shows the completed installation.
  4. Tim Walters

    Tach and redline

    Just installed a Trail Tech Vapor on my bike. I installed to give me a speedometer that can be adjusted to tire size and gearing, a tachometer, a temperature gage and for other features. The tach wires to the coil. Be sure to set the PPR to .5. The tach ground needs to be isolated. Mount the speedometer sensor to the plastic fork guard. I used the side mount provided with the Vapor to attach to the handlebar.
  5. Hi Bud, I trimmed the clear plastic to fit the shape of the tail light bezel, used a marker and traced it on to the bottom of the bezel then made the cut slightly smaller. I then used epoxy to glue the clear lens on to the tail light bezel. If you make the modification, please let me know how well the license plate is lighted and whether or not the change in any way affects the brightness of the tail/brake light. As I said in the blog, my bike is in storage on the other side of the state. I wish now that I had brought it home. Tim
  6. Tim Walters

    Tach and redline

    Still looking for a worthy tach. Tachs that use a wire wrapped around the spark plug wire respond to slowly.
  7. Tim Walters

    How many here are or were in the Military?

    USAF 1968 thru the end of 1971
  8. I've made all of the modifications that you list including the installation of the EJK fuel controller. I stayed with the factory settings except I leaned out idle because is was smoking a bit. Otherwise the bike runs and performs perfectly at all rpms. I rode the bike on and off road and it has 900+ miles on it.
  9. 1st off, I love my Honda CRF250L but didn't like the tail light/license plate assembly. After looking at aftermarket alternatives, I came up with my own idea that cost me just pennies and a couple hours of my time. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so here we go: I removed the tail light and license plate ass'y. This picture shows where I cut off the bracket to preserve the portion under the tail light so it will continue to be protected from dirt and mud. I carefully made the cut with my band saw. Since I wanted to be legal to ride at night, I removed the clear lens from the license plate light housing, cut a shaped hole in the bottom of the tail light bezel, trimmed the lens to fit and and epoxied it on to the bottom of the bezel as shown. This view of the bottom of the taillight assembly shows the modified bracket installed below the modified tail light. I wanted the license plate to be at an angled so I cut a tapered wedge cut from a piece of 1/2" thick plastic. The license plate backing/mounting plate was fabricated from a piece of aluminum traffic sign recycled from the dump. These parts were painted flat black and fasten to the tail light using the tail light shroud mounting screws. I did purchase two longer screws. This picture shows the final product that looks very similar to the expensive aftermarket tail light assemblies. It also shows the parts that were eliminated although I intend to attach the reflectors to the side of the taillight shroud. I would show this installed on my bike but it is in storage for the winter.
  10. Tim Walters

    Is the CRF250L like my old XR250L?

    I had a 94 XR250L with a big bore kit. The crf250L with a few mods will run circles around the XR and is vibration free so no more numb hands. The fuel injection is a HUGE improvement.
  11. Tim Walters

    Honda CRF250L 2013

    I downsized powerwise from a 2007 CRF250X to the 250L and after a few modifications I love the 'L' bike. The price of the 'L' was certainly important but so was the design. I had converted the 'X' bike to dualsport to be used on the country and forrest service roads in NE WA. It was a nice bike but not as civilized as the 'L' although the 'L' is now a bit more rowdy with the FMFPowercore 4 muffler and power bomb header. I've added the Dobeck Performance EJK fuel controller and a new, more comfortable for long rides, 'Seat Concepts' seat. (I highly recommend both Dobeck Performance and Seat Concept companies) Oh, I can't forget, I have also changed the sprockets from 14/40 to 13/42. I like that the bike starts easily. With fuel injection, it isn't cold blooded. Heavier than the 'X', it still handles well on and off the road. It moves through the power curve smoothly and there is little to no vibration. I take good care of what I own and I expect years of Honda Motor Company reliability.
  12. Tim Walters

    Would I have to remap my bike to put my new exhaust on?

    So what is the consensus about the EJK Fuel programmer for the CRF250L? Appreciate any comments good or bad.
  13. Tim Walters

    New CRF250L

    I have a new crf250l also. I have somewhat of the same question only, if I put on the FMF muffler and header and open up the air box will it cause my motor to run too lean? Will it cause any damage if I don't remap the ECU right away?