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  1. Shooplick

    CRF250L Turn Signals

    Jpd2015 can you tell us where you got the led flasher relay? Is that the part number on the cover in the picture? thanks
  2. Shooplick

    Chain Chatter Problem

    Mine made the same noise when it was stock. Stock tires suck off road. What happenes is tour rear tire loses grip and spins then gets grip then loses it and so on. During this action the chain goes from tight to slack to tight to slack again. When the chain does this it slaps on the chain guide. We don't have a Cush drive so there's nothing to dampen the shock. Our stock rear shock does not do a good job keeping our tire on the ground to maintain traction. Try a better off-road tire at lower air pressure and get a better shock and most of that will go away just my 2 maybe4 cents
  3. Shooplick

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    peer pressure is expensive. just downloaded the forms to send my forks to racetech. cant wait!
  4. don't forget about the speed triple and street triple. those are some very fun street bikes. still have my 07 speed that i bought new.
  5. Shooplick

    Lighting option

    +1 on the cyclops h4. It's awesome in the crf!
  6. Shooplick

    Let's talk lighting...

    No. If you put that led light in a euro light housing it will me tilted the opposite direction from ours. The bulb itself isn't twisted, the mount on the housing is. This info is based on the one euro spec light housing that I bought for a different bike and it was twisted the other way. If I am incorrect, well sorry, maybe some of our left side driving friends could post a pic
  7. Shooplick

    My experience with Dobeck Performance (EJK)

    Is your o2 sensor connected? Clean your MAF sensor? Just my .02$
  8. Shooplick

    Let's talk lighting...

    Euro lights are tilted the other way. For those who drive on the other side of the road. The angle is to not blind oncoming traffic but still light up the road sign on the other side of the road Did that make sence?
  9. Shooplick

    Let's talk lighting...

    Kray, I'll try to get a pick of the clip that I bent. Did not notice a color difference and am surprised that your not blind after looking right at the led! I have not had anyone flash me ( with high beams or boobs) on the crf with the led bulb but riding home from work at night with the stock bulb was horrible. The led is a big improvement
  10. Shooplick

    Let's talk lighting...

    I had to bend the spring retaining clip to mount mine. The end of the clip with the locking tab was pushing on the fan shroud causing the bulb to sit at an angle in the housing making the beam pattern weird. Once I bent the clip the beam moved down closer to where it should be It's still higher than stock but it's not offensive like an hid or driving with your brights on. But you will be able to see every street sign reflecting white light back at you from a mile away!
  11. Shooplick

    Let's talk lighting...

    I have not adjusted it. The beam pattern is similar but 3 times brighter. It doesn't seam to be too offensive to on coming cars. No one has flashed me yet. I had my wife ride at me at night and It wasn't blinding. It makes the stock light look like a candle!
  12. Shooplick

    Let's talk lighting...

    Kray I have the cyclops h4 it's very bright and a huge improvement. Money well spent. I trimmed the rubber dust seal who that only the fan was sticking out. Seems to be fine. I have ridden to and from work in the rain for 3 days now and no issues
  13. Shooplick

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    Posi L with 1.22kg/mm and 221 mm travel takes 270kg to use all travel X with 1.0 kg/mm and 315mm travel takes 315 lg to use all travel The extra 94 mm is why the x has softer springs according to the numbers you posted earlier This is my fuzzy math skills but I think these answers are close Would still like to hear from the experts on this
  14. 657pink Will the stock 14 front fit with your chain? If you still have it no reason to buy the 42.