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  1. USMC, '09-'13 .......grunt life
  2. well Ive done some time in Thailand and there are alot of things better there!....it was short but sweet, and didnt see to much other than "Drinking Street" and "Walking Street"......goodtimes!
  3. glad to see someone else had this issue too...it happened the other night....and I turned the blinker on and the light came back.....glad to know Im not crazy!!! thanks!
  4. they wanted $6771...I laughed belligerently and said "How about $5250 cash instead"....weird how cash talks...also got a 5yr warranty, and 40% off on ramp,straps,and helmet!......
  5. Hey there!...Ive been cruising this site for a while and feel like its time to make a post. I am from Texas but currently reside in California, picked up my 250L in March and so far I love it use it for commuting to and from work have not had time to venture out on the dirt, hoping in 4 months when Im back in the great state of Texas I will be a regualr weekend warrior blazing the trails...I havn't done much yet besides a few cosmetic upgrades (Handguards/Yoshi-fender eliminator)......waiting it out to see what my next move is...I enjoy seeing pics of everyones ride on here and feel at home in the evenings opening up the laptop and checking in to see what everyone is up too.... thanks to all, have a good one!