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    95 xt600 engine knock?

    Hi. I have a 1995 xt600 and the engine knocks a little when I let out the clutch and ride, and it seems to have the knock as I speed up. I've always been a 2 stroke rider. This is my first 4 stroke. Could it be the valves knocking? Piston? It's not too loud, but seems to be steady. Seems worse when it is really cold. Hmmmmm.... Any ideas would be appreciated. The bike has 14,000 miles on it. But was taken care of and runs well. I'm afraid to ride it now because I don't want to blow the engine. But I don't want to take it to a random mechanic not knowing anything and get reamed for parts and work it doesn't need. Hmmmmm... Anyone have any experience with this knock? Do valves knock? Thanks ~ Chris