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  1. Ebi

    Where is everybody at?

    Berlin, GERMANY
  2. Ebi

    Tach and redline

    This works great -- http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/290_294/products_id/3713
  3. Ebi

    New rear spring for rear shock

    I dont know what length the spring must have, but they have springs with an 2.25" ( 57mm ) ID - look at page 16 http://performance-s...alog_global.pdf
  4. You get brackets with the Arrow to put the cover on
  5. Another pic - imo it looks way better without the original cover http://89232.forumromanum.com/member/forum/entry_ubb.user_89232.1356265813.1116128528.1116128528.1.arrow_endschalldaempfer_fuer_crf-honda_dominator.html?onsearch=1
  6. Great sound, very good quality. It has the E-Homologation, that means it's street legal even here in Germany http://www.arrow.it/eng/prodotti/motociclo.asp?IDM=13&IDTab=1267