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  1. I gotta 98 KX250 too! They're badass, aren't they?
  2. LetsEataDolphin

    Two Stroke Owners! How old are you?

    It kicks ass for a 15 year old bike. First two stroke I've ever rode and first 250 I've ever rode, too.
  3. LetsEataDolphin

    Kawasaki KX250 1998

  4. LetsEataDolphin

    Kawasaki KX250 (1998)


  5. LetsEataDolphin

    Two Stroke Owners! How old are you?

    Yeah its a badass. I love it. Is yours the same year?
  6. LetsEataDolphin

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    98 KX 250. Still a badass for a 98.
  7. LetsEataDolphin

    Two Stroke Owners! How old are you?

    16. 98 KX 250. Way too big for me but its the only bike we have so I can deal with that.
  8. LetsEataDolphin

    97 KX 250 rebuild.

    Bike looks great for a 97! I have a 98 KX 250.
  9. LetsEataDolphin

    Graphic ideas

    And hey Jeekinz, I just noticed. I love the purple wallpaper in your picture lol
  10. LetsEataDolphin

    Graphic ideas

    Thanks. My dad and my uncle said it was 2006, so that's what I thought it was. I'll tell them to lay off the crack pipe.
  11. LetsEataDolphin

    Graphic ideas

    I was just looking to get some decals to make it look like more of a racing bike. I think its just a noticeable 98 because of there purple logo.
  12. LetsEataDolphin

    Graphic ideas

    How can you tell its a 98?
  13. LetsEataDolphin

    Graphic ideas

    That looks pretty cool! This is my uncles bike, but he gave it to us and we barely ever ride it, I'm looking to get on it for the first time tomorrow maybe. Its a 2006, I believe. I just gotta put on some decals
  14. LetsEataDolphin

    Bike Done up !

    Great lookin bike bro!